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Early Panzer Dragoon Saga Screenshots

This article discusses the first screenshots of Panzer Dragoon Saga that Sega released and how they differ from the final product.

Human Nature and the Nature of Drones

Here we look back on the events seen in Panzer Dragoon Orta with the benefit of hindsight.

It's All in the Name

What's in a name? Here newcomers to the series can read about the meaning and origins of the words 'Panzer Dragoon' to bring themselves up to speed.

Orta's Purpose

We don't know what the future has in store for Orta, but she must remain open to any possibility. The world may need Orta even more than she needs the world.

Panzer Dragoon Music Comparison

Here we take a brief look at how some of the music has changed over the course of the series to better reflect the ever changing world.

Panzer Dragoon OVA Appreciation

The Panzer Dragoon OVA is based on the original Panzer Dragoon. This article takes a look at how true the anime stays to the game and how far it strays from the original story.

The Mystery of the Emerald Dragon

Robert Frazer discusses an early build of Panzer Dragoon. Disclaimer: some facts in this article have been disputed and may be inaccurate.

The OVA Sky Rider

This article puts a magnifying lens on the Sky Rider as seen in the original video animation (OVA).

Version Differences

Surprisingly, there are a number of subtle differences between the various iterations of the Japanese, North American and PAL versions of Panzer Dragoon. Curious minds can read all about some of those differences here.

Who Were the Ancients?

This article attempts to search for an answer to the eternal question of who, or perhaps what, were the Ancients?

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