Panzer Dragoon Legacy Annual Hosting Fundraiser 2016


Published by Solo Wing in News

Panzer Dragoon Legacy will be holding an annual hosting fundraiser each year so that the community can help fund the website’s server costs. This is similar to the method used by other fan sites such as Shining Force Central. To keep the website running for another year, we require:

  • US$10 per year for the domain
  • US$6 per month for the main site’s hosting fee + backups (US$72 per year)
  • US$12 per month for the forum hosting fee + backups (US$144 per year)
  • Total: US$226 for one year

To contribute to the fundraiser, you can make a donation directly to my PayPal account. I’ll post another update once the full US$226 has been met. If you’re unsure how much to contribute, I suggest around $10, but $5 or $20 would be great also. We need just over twenty people contributing $10 each to reach the fundraiser goal.

Why are we suddenly starting this fundraiser? Over the last year I’ve been adding features to Panzer Dragoon Legacy to make it more of community driven site. We now have a contributions system so that fans can directly submit news, articles, pictures, and more directly to the site for approval. This is great for ensuring that the site can continue to be sustained without a significant time investment from the busy administrators here. Long term, I’d like to see this site become mostly community sustained, both in terms of server costs and fresh content, with the administrators here acting mainly as curators of the Panzer Dragoon fan archive. This will ensure that, as a community project, Panzer Dragoon Legacy can continue to thrive for many years to come.