How to Contribute

Panzer Dragoon Legacy would not be possible without the collective efforts of Panzer Dragoon fans throughout the world. Below are some ways that you can contribute to this effort. Before doing so, please read our short contribution policy.


Our Contribution Policy

While we welcome a wide range of contributions, the following guidelines should be taken into consideration before submitting new content. As a general rule, we accept contributions which are complimentary to commercial products (from Sega or other companies) and do not directly compete with them.

  • We will accept: fan art, screenshots, video footage of the games, audio tracks not found on official soundtracks, out-of-print magazine scans, art or text samples extracted from the games or books.
  • We will reject: ISOs/ROMs of the games, full page scans of guidebooks or in-print magazines, digital copies of commercially available soundtracks.

If you’re submitting content on behalf of another contributor, permission must be obtained to use the content before uploading it to Panzer Dragoon Legacy. The contributor should be properly acknowledged and the content linked to their contributor profile.

Five Ways to Contribute

Submit New Content

We are always looking for new Panzer Dragoon (or Crimson Dragon) content to add to Panzer Dragoon Legacy. If you believe that you have some suitable new content, please submit it in the contributions forum category. Likewise, if you see any mistakes or can suggest improvements to existing content on the website, please get in touch.

Please do not submit new contributions via email, social media, or private message. All content submissions should be posted in the contributions forum category in a new topic so that the contribution can be tracked and dealt with by the first available administrator. If the content is approved, an administrator will either add the content to Panzer Dragoon Legacy or grant you limited access to our content management system so that you can add the content yourself.

If you have direct access to Panzer Dragoon Legacy’s content management system already, please post a new topic in the contributions forum category to inform us that you have added new content to Panzer Dragoon Legacy so that we can review the contribution before publishing it.

Improve the Encyclopaedia

Our goal is to make the encyclopaedia on Panzer Dragoon Legacy the best and most complete resource for the Panzer Dragoon series on the Internet. If you’re interested in contributing, you can do one of several things. The easiest thing you can do is help improve the existing encyclopaedia entries by pointing out typos, grammatical errors, or other mistakes. Going further, you can suggest sentences or paragraphs that offer new information or insights about aspects of the series. Finally, if you’re interested in writing a whole new encyclopaedia entry, please contact us to check that it is okay to work on that particular entry (so that we don’t end up with duplicate entries).

We encourage cross-posting the encyclopaedia’s text to Panzer Dragoon Wikia as well, although we do not actively maintain the Wikia version. See the Copyright Information page for more information.

Make a PayPal Donation

If you don’t have the time to contribute new content to the website, there is the option of helping us out financially instead. We need to raise over US$150 each year to pay for the website’s domain and hosting costs which we will aim to collect in May each year via an annual hosting fundraiser. To donate, go to, click on the “Send & Request Payments” link, and then click on “Send Payment”. From here, you can transfer money to the site’s founder who has the email address All donations go towards paying the site’s web hosting fees and will not influence the content of the website.

Sign Up With Our Web Host

If you’re thinking of signing up for web hosting with our web host, Digital Ocean, please use the following referral link. We earn credit which goes towards paying the site’s hosting fees when you spend money there. Everyone who joins via the referral link gets $10 in credit. Once you’ve spent $25 with Digital Ocean, we’ll also get $25 in credit.

Improve the Site’s Codebase

The source code for the site’s custom content management system is available on GitHub. If you discover a bug or find something non-content related that you think needs improving please submit an issue or pull request.