Introducing the Literature Section and Tags

Introducing the Literature Section and Tags

Published by Solo Wing in Meta

Over the years we’ve added more and more content to Panzer Dragoon Legacy. Figuring out how the organise all of this content has proven to be both a challenge and a learning experience, and there’s no question we’ve accumulated some baggage along the way. This week I sat down and reorganised some of website’s content in order to simplify things and make the content easier to find and share going forward.

First up is the introduction of the new Literature section which combines the previous Articles, Links, Poems, Resources, and Stories media types into a single “Literature” index page under “Browse by Media Type” in the lefthand navigation. Each literature page contains a unique number in the URL, ensuring links will continue to work if we rename or recategorise pages, which is becoming increasingly important as more content is shared on social media directly. The Encyclopaedia remains seperate, however these pages are now also numbered.

I’ve removed the Links section and replaced it with two articles: Panzer Dragoon Websites and Other Gaming Websites. Unfortunately most of the old Panzer Dragoon fan sites are now dead, so the first article is primarily a collection of Internet Archive links. But they’re a fun nostalgia trip for those who grew up in the era of personal websites, before the rise of the Empire.

The latest contributions in all of the main media types can now be found on the Contributions Feed (previously it only included pictures). As we’ve been doing with new fan art, we’ll share other new contributions directly on our social media pages.

Finally, I’ve introduced a new way of finding content on the site: browsing by tag. Tags work in a similar way to the related links displayed at the bottom of encyclopaedia entries, except we also have tags for topics that don’t have a dedicated page in the encyclopaedia. For example, the tag page for Atolm Dragon looks like this.

This year it will be twenty years since I started working on my original Panzer Dragoon website, Azel Online. Some of the content from Azel Online is still on Panzer Dragoon Legacy. I hope the current structure will be robust enough to last another twenty years; indeed, I intend that this site will become more of a stable archive from here on, rather than something which constantly changes. With Panzer Dragoon: Remake coming out soon, a whole new generation of Panzer Dragoon fans will be introduced to the series, contributing new literature and other content of their own.