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A list of websites dedicated to games other than the Panzer Dragoon series, such as the Crimson Dragon series and other Sega video games.


Crimson Dragon Websites

Grounding Inc. Official Website (Japanese)
The official website of Grounding Inc, the creators of Crimson Dragon. There is an English site with minimal content. You can also follow Grounding’s Twitter.
Microsoft Store: Crimson Dragon: Side Story
The official Microsoft Store page where you can buy and find out further information about the Windows Phone game Crimson Dragon: Side Story.
Microsoft Store: Crimson Dragon
The official Microsoft Store page where you can buy and find out further information about the Xbox One game Crimson Dragon.
Xbox.com: Crimson Dragon (Japanese)
The Japanese Xbox.com webpage for Crimson Dragon. There is also an English version but it features less content than the Japanese version.
Crimson Dragon Blog (Japanese)
A Japanese blog about Crimson Dragon.

Other Gaming Websites

Captain Williams
The personal website of Lee Williams with a large section on Sega games. Although it’s not totally dedicated to Panzer Dragoon, you’ll find a good collection of Panzer information here, including magazine scans and video clips.
A multiformat website with games reviews, downloads are more. It contains links to reviews on other sites to provide you with as thorough a picture as possible on how a game plays.
Game Pilgrimage
A hardcore gamer’s site that gives some of the more underrated consoles the respect they deserve. The Saturn, in particular, has extensive coverage here with ample screenshots to prove its worth.
Gravity Rush Central
A fan site about the Gravity Rush video game series, created by Draikin who is one of our administrators here at Panzer Dragoon Legacy.
NiGHTS into Dreams.com
The ultimate fan site for the Saturn game NiGHTS into dreams. Pictures, videos, music, forums, and more. This is the place to go to for all things NiGHTS.
A website dedicated to promoting the localization of Sega games from Draikin, one of Panzer Dragoon Legacy’s staff members.
Sega Xtreme
Once a multimedia site containing all sort of Sega goodness, Sega Xtreme now acts as a community hub for fans to chat about the ‘good old days’ of 90s Sega.
Shin Force
Shin Force is a Sega website with articles written from a Sega fan’s point of view. The site has many Genesis, Saturn and Dreamcast reviews and editorials.
Shining Force Central
The ultimate resource for fans of Sega’s famous Shining series of RPGs. Shining Force Central contains a wealth of information about the games and what the uncertain future holds for the series.
The Shining Force III Translation Project
Scenarios 2 and 3 of the three part Shining Force III were never translated into English. This is an on-going fan translation effort.
Skies of Arcadia World
Fans of Skies of Arcadia will be happy to find a site hosting tips, secrets and a walkthrough for this wonderful sky-flying RPG brought to us by the creative developers at Overworks.
The Forbidden Land - A Shadow of the Colossus Analysis
A thought provoking story and world analysis of the PlayStation 2 masterpiece Shadow of the Colossus from Team Ico.
You Were There - An Ico Analysis
A similar site to The Forbidden Land, but about Shadow of the Colossus’s predecessor and sequel Ico.

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