The Mystery of the Ancient Rebels

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The Ancients who constructed the Towers didn't build them without any opposition. The question is: what was the extent of this opposition's involvement in the collapse of the Ancient Age. Perhaps these mysterious rebels did their best to prevent it.

Even in the Ancient Age, there were people against the presence of the Towers. The Towers’ creators feared these rebels would rise to destroy the Towers, so they created monsters to guard their creations. And the dragons. - The Book of Skiad Ops Endow

According to several in game sources, there was more than one faction of ‘people’ who lived in the time era that residents of the Panzer Dragoon world call the Ancient Age. The diary of Skiad Ops Endow mentions rebels who did not approve of the Towers. The Towers’ creators feared this force enough to be motivated to create monsters and guardian dragons to protect the Towers from possible invasions. Craymen also speaks of ‘warring nations’ existing in the Ancient Age, however it is unlikely that Craymen and Lundi were talking about the same forces due to the fact that Craymen says that the warring nations helped build the Tower of Uru. I think it’s safe to conclude that the Ancient rebels were people who lived in the time era after the Towers were constructed.

The Ancient rebels opposed the Towers; however it took another ten thousand years before the legacy of the Towers came to an end.

The Ancient rebels opposed the Towers; however it took another ten thousand years before the legacy of the Towers came to an end.

Very little else is known about the Ancient rebels, and due to the loose translation of the English version of Panzer Dragoon Saga the information that we do know is likely a distorted version of the truth. One piece of information that is widely accepted, however, is that an opposing force attacked the underground labs of Uru and stole the drone Azel. Azel was not completed at the time of the attack and her designers feared that she would be used as an instrument of destruction. Azel was built to interface with the Tower (so, theoretically, she had the ability to destroy it as well), and therefore it is likely that her kidnappers were the same rebels that Lundi spoke of, if they had amassed an organised force together.

Moving forward ten thousand years takes us to the unearthing of another drone: Abadd. Abadd tries in vain to resuscitate his long dead masters who went into hibernation in the Ancient Age. It’s commonly believed that Abadd’s masters were the same group of Ancients who built the Towers, but this has yet to be proven. Since an opposing force stole at least one drone (Azel) in the Ancient Age, it’s possible that they stole Abadd as well, making them Abadd’s masters. As you can tell from the above information, we know next to nothing about the Ancient rebels, so it doesn’t hurt to keep our minds open. For all we know, they could have created their own biotechnology as well.

The rebels of the Ancient Age are indeed a mystery, a large chunk of the puzzle that is the downfall of the Ancient world. Their part could have been small and insignificant, although the fact that the creators of the Towers created the monsters out of fear of the rebels suggests that this is unlikely. To be honest, I don’t know enough about them to make a rational assumption regarding their role in the events leading up to the Ancient civilisation’s destruction. Whatever they did, or whatever the Towers’ creators felt that their enemies had the potential to do, it was enough to motivate someone to take serious action and create monstrous dragons to defend the Towers. Why is it that something tells me that the rebels did not give up without a fight?

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