Old Diary (Book of Skiad Ops Endow)

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Official text extracted from Panzer Dragoon Saga.




If you are reading this, then the seeker I sent has recognized you as the true dragon rider. I, too, have met the dragon, and have since thrown myself into the struggle over the Tower.


My friend, the dragon, entrusted me with the secret of his existence before he left me. Later, I became a member of the seekers. With the help of the Compilers, I tried to spread what I had learned of the truth.


What is written here is only part of the secret that was entrusted to me. It may only be the tiniest bit of knowledge, but I hope this will aid you in your quest. You, the new dragon rider.

Birth of Dragon


This world has been molded into its current shape by the powers of a series of ruins we call Towers. The Towers control the environment, breed monsters, and control human populations.


Even in the Ancient Age, there were people against the presence of the Towers. The Towers’ creators feared these rebels would rise to destroy the Towers, so they created monsters to guard their creations. And the dragons.


One dragon is posted at each Tower. They perform their duty to this day, as they have for over a millenium. Not even the Empire can stand before them. The only force that can counter the dragon’s power are the dragons themselves.

Heresy Dragon


The dragon you ride has inherited the soul of my old friend. Your dragon is the only dragon in this world which exists to ‘kill the Towers’. You will be forced to battle other dragons. They are all your enemies.


My friend, the heresy dragon, had a birth which was equally heretic. My friend was born as a mutant Coolia, and was raised in my care. That was until the floating Tower appeared, and he gained the power of the dragon.


I have no idea why my friend had such a humble beginning. Perhaps it was pure coincidence that he spent his youth in my care. But he did choose me as the rider. The Tower took everything, I was left desiring only his power.


By destroying the Tower of the Sky, Shelcoof, our journey came to an end. Exhausting all his power, he discarded his body, and entered a deep sleep. I assume he has now reemerged with a new body, and chosen you as his rider.

To the New Rider


I believe my friend is trying to lead you to the Tower. You will become deeply involved with his purpose, the destruction of the Tower, for reasons beyond your comprehension.


I beg you to please aid my friend in fulfilling his purpose. It is not only to release the world from the will of the ancients, but to shake the shadow of death, which has cast itself upon us all.

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