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Poems inspired by Panzer Dragoon.

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Ancient Horrors of Past

A poem extending from the mysterious beginning, to end, and beyond of everything thus far witnessed in the Panzer Dragoon world. Hope, here, comes in the form of a dragon.

An Endless Journey

This is a poem of few words that somehow still manages to convey the theme of the Panzer series.

Loss of Truth

The poem can be seen from the dragon's point of view, or each stanza could represent a change in perspective from one character (whose identity is decided by the reader) to another.


A father's desperate attempt to save his son. This poem tells of Iva's father's determination to cure his son, no matter what lengths he must take to do so.

The Crest

A poem about the dreamy burdens, both new and old, Lundi carried after being separated from his dragon friend, but gladly shared in remembrance.

The Emperor's Decree

In this poem the author puts himself in the shoes of the eighth emperor to declare his misunderstood intentions of unfettered conquest and self-defense.

The Mirrored Walls of Reflections

When we peer into the destruction and terrors left by the Ancient Age, do we see ourselves, what we were, or what we could become?

The Sleeping Monolith

The site's founder writes a poem about how he perceives the Tower on the island near Uru. The poem also covers the appearance of the towers from the other Panzer games.

The Will of the Ancients

A poem about how drones as inheritors will collect the remnants of the past to rebuild it for the future in their own way.

We Are Still Waiting On Japan

A poem about the delayed v1.3 Panzer Dragoon: Remake patch due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Wings of a Dragon

Where will destiny take you on the back of a dragon when its wings fly you into the unknown? Perhaps it's best we never know, for it makes destiny our own.

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