The Sleeping Monolith

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The site's founder writes a poem about how he perceives the Tower on the island near Uru. The poem also covers the appearance of the towers from the other Panzer games.

The giant engages its age long sleep,
Its consequence over the world running deep,
Stretching across the land, our lives kept stable,
Yet without its slumber, mankind shall quail.

The encapsulater of mysteries,
The gateway to human salvation,
Yet its deep labyrinth pathes,
Hold the key to our destruction.

It emerges from the depths of the ocean,
And travels through the winds of the air,
Its ruinous appearance on the island,
Deceives us into perceiving it without fear.

One shall be led there,
Another shall open the gate,
Paving the way for the otherworldly messenger,
To spin the wheel of our indefinite fate.

Forever it casts its shadow over the land,
Foul beasts it spawns, populating the world like grains of sand,
Our lives are bound by it, no matter how long we yearn,
Until the day its stagnant masters decease or return.

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