Donation Method Change


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Due to legal and regulatory constraints, I’ve removed the site’s PayPal Donate button mentioned in the last update. However, if you want to help out with paying the hosting bill, you can still do so by using PayPal’s “Send Money” feature. I’ve added instructions on how to do this which can be found on the How to Contribute page.

There’s also a couple of links of interest that I posted earlier on Facebook and Twitter. MattInc has created a remix that combines elements from NiGHTS into Dreams and Panzer Dragoon called Panzer Nightopia. Nuckles87 from SEGAbits has also posted a preview of Crimson Dragon.

Donate to Support The Will of the Ancients


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I’ve set up a PayPal Donate button (the orange button to the left) where you can now make a donation towards keeping The Will of the Ancients online.

I enjoy running this site and helping to keep the Panzer Dragoon spirit alive by maintaining it. It’s a personal tribute (one that I hope others find useful too), but for that reason I’ve never felt compelled to ask anything for the work put into the site directly. However, I do require an external source of funding in order to generate enough money for the yearly hosting fee (currently US$102 per year). For most of the time that The Will of the Ancients has been running, I’ve paid to have it hosted out of my own pocket.

So, if you find The Will of the Ancients useful and would like to contribute towards keeping it online, please consider making a donation. Donations will go towards this year’s hosting fee. If we reach US$102, I’ll put any surplus towards next year’s fee. You are welcome to donate however much you like. I suggest that you donate with the amount of value you think this site has offered you in mind, but if you’re looking for a number range, then I suggest US$5-10.

If you don’t want to contribute money, its worth considering some of the other ways that you can contribute; these would also be greatly appreciated.

The Will of the Ancients 4 and New Encyclopaedia


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There seems to be something about the number four and the Panzer Dragoon series. Not only are there four games in the main series, but each game title (with the exception of the original) contains a word with four letters (Zwei, Mini, Saga, Orta), and many of the characters have four letter names (Edge, Azel, Gash, Paet, Kyle, Mobo… I could go on). So its only fitting that we’re launching the fourth version of The Will of the Ancients today.

Back in March 2009 I stated that I had no plans to make any major changes to this site. Well, I have since completely changed my mind. The Will of the Ancients has a lot of potential to grow as a Panzer Dragoon and Crimson Dragon resource, but to do this efficiently I needed to create a database-driven backend for the site. This basically required a revamp of the entire site. So, after almost two years of development, content creation, and pedantic discussions about whether to spell Ancients with capital A, I’m glad to finally launch the new version of The Will of the Ancients.

With this new version comes numerous changes. It is the completion of the merger with Panzer Dragoon Legacy that we announced back in October 2010. Not only have the Cameos articles from Panzer Dragoon Legacy been added to this site, but we’ve used the remaining articles as the starting point for a new resource on The Will of the Ancients. Combined with the former Factions, Characters, Products, Tracklists, and Game Info sections, we’ve revised and reorganised all of this content to form a new peer-reviewed encyclopaedia. Not only does the encyclopaedia contain entries based on the old content, but we now have entries for every character and faction present in the Panzer Dragoon game series.

It has long been my desire to create a Panzer Dragoon encyclopaedia. Although we considered a wiki, making the encyclopaedia peer-reviewed will give us more quality control and should result in fewer errors. The text is released under the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, so you’re welcome to use it or fork the project (more info here), however we’d also really appreciate new contributions or constructive criticism of the existing entries.

For this update, we’ve also proofread and revised all of the content on The Will of the Ancients, including adding captions to all of the illustrated images within the articles and reorganising much of the content. One change that I think people will find useful is the split of more speculative articles from the Theories category into a new Speculation category.

There are also five new articles from Geoffrey:

I’ve also completely rewritten two of my older theories, which were badly in need of updating. They were written before Panzer Dragoon Orta was released, so the new versions have been updated in line with new evidence from that game.

A huge thank you to Draikin and Geoffrey for their hard work proofreading and writing content for the site (especially the encyclopaedia). And once again, thanks to everyone who has contributed to the site so far (particularly Lance Way, whose content formed the starting point for many of the encyclopaedia entries). The Will of the Ancients has been built up from the cooperative effort of fans; it couldn’t have reached its current state without fellow dragoons working together towards a common goal.

RIP Moebius 1938-2012


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The French comic artist Jean Giraud, also known as Moebius, has passed away at age 73. Moebius was an inspiration for the Panzer Dragoon series, with members of Team Andromeda being big fans of his work. Sega commissioned Moebius to create some illustrative art for the original Panzer Dragoon game, which ended up being used for the front and back covers of the Japanese game case.

Besides his involvement with Panzer Dragoon, Moebius’ work included Arzach, a comic that shared many themes with the Panzer Dragoon series. Lance Way wrote an article about Azarch for The Will of the Ancients’ Parallels section, comparing the Azarch stories to Panzer Dragoon.

A Change of Focus


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Following the latest news about Crimson Dragon, I have decided to cover the game on The Will of the Ancients alongside the Panzer Dragoon series.

Some of you may be displeased by the news, fearing that Crimson Dragon is too different from Panzer Dragoon or that The Will of the Ancients will become too diluted with non-Panzer content. And some of you simply don’t like the look of the game. I want to address these concerns here.

Firstly, Crimson Dragon is a different franchise, but it also has many things in common with the Panzer Dragoon series. It is a rail shooter from the creators of original Saturn trilogy. It features dragons, and lock on system similar to the Panzer Dragoon shooters. There are clear differences too, but in many ways this is Panzer Dragoon in spirit. In that sense, it belongs on The Will of the Ancients.

Secondly, is the concern that The Will of the Ancients will lose what made it distinct in the first place: a resource covering Panzer Dragoon and only Panzer Dragoon. There is the risk of a slippery slope where more and more games are covered and it turns into a general gaming site. But I don’t think that needs to happen, nor will it happen. For example, while Jet Set Radio and Panzer Dragoon Orta were both developed by Smilebit, Jet Set Radio does not fit in with the themes of this site. So, we won’t cover it.

Thirdly, not all Panzer Dragoon fans are excited about Crimson Dragon. Some of you don’t like the different art style, and others simply don’t like Kinect. And that’s fine. When we add Crimson Dragon content to the website, you will be free to ignore it. I’m also in the early stages of creating a system where people browsing the website will be able to filter out content based the different fictional universes.

This decision didn’t come lightly. Only after weighing the pros and cons and discussing it with Geoffrey and Draikin, did I decide to cover Crimson Dragon on The Will of the Ancients rather than making a separate site. We considered setting up a separate domain for Crimson Dragon (and possible follow up games), but we felt that this would dilute our already small community. For that reason, I’ve set up a new Crimson Dragon forum as part of The Will of the Ancients’ community so that existing forum members can easily discuss Crimson Dragon without creating a separate account.

The Will of the Ancients began as a Panzer Dragoon website, and we’ll continue to improve and add to the Panzer Dragoon content here. But given the lack of new Panzer Dragoon games, I believe this change will enrich The Will of the Ancients and the Panzer Dragoon community.

Crimson Dragon


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Andriasang has released a new article with more details about Crimson Dragon (formerly known as Project Draco). The (Kinect-only) game is widely regarded as a spiritual successor to the Panzer Dragoon railshooters, and it’s easy to see why. Despite not using the Panzer Dragoon license, everything from the mechanics, soundtrack to the art design resembles the Panzer Dragoon railshooters. It was also revealed that the game is being co-developed by Grounding Inc. and Land Ho! (responsible for the conversion of Panzer Dragoon to the PS2). This means that some of the big names behind Team Andromeda have now been reunited to work on Crimson Dragon (the names of Yukio Futatsugi, Manabu Kusunoki, Tomohiro Kondo and Saori Kobayashi in particular might sound familiar to Panzer Dragoon fans). Andriasang also posted some (impressive) new screenshots and a video of the demo presentation can be found at Nicozon.

But there’s also other news. Forum member SkyRider informed us he worked on a short film that is loosely inspired by his admiration for the Panzer Dragoon series. Be sure to check out the trailer!

You can also read more about how Panzer Dragoon influenced the movie in this forum thread.

Finally, our Panzer Dragoon Revival project now has a Dutch version as well, and support for more languages will be added in the near future. If you’re interested in helping to translate the website, please let us know by using the contact form on the website. Thanks to all the people who signed the petition so far!

Panzer Dragoon Revival


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It’s no secret that the Panzer Dragoon games never reached a wide audience. Panzer Dragoon Zwei and Saga were Saturn exclusives, and Orta was only released on the original Xbox. Even with the arrival of Xbox Live Arcade and the PlayStation Network, there’s no indication Sega is going to release HD versions of any of the Panzer Dragoon games. In an effort to convince Sega to remaster the games and make them available to a new generation of gamers, we’ve created a new website where the Panzer Dragoon fans can make their voices heard. You can visit it by following this link:

Panzer Dragoon Revival

Named “Panzer Dragoon Revival”, the website allows people to sign a petition and tell Sega why they want to see remastered versions of the original Panzer Dragoon games. I really hope that the people that have fond memories of playing the Panzer Dragoon games, or those that would like to play them but never got the chance to do so, will take the time to sign the petition. The goal is to send the complete list of signatures to Sega on the 10th anniversary of Panzer Dragoon Orta later this year and/or the 15th anniversary of Panzer Dragoon Saga next year. Meanwhile, we will work on adding more features to the website based on your feedback. Any news updates for the website will be posted here, or on the TWOTA Twitter and Facebook community.

But aside from this announcement, there’s also other news. Tom from 2DForever has allowed us to add this impressive artwork of Azel and Atolm’s battle against Edge and his dragon to the fanart section:

Ne Rai

The website SegaBits also posted a new article where they look back at the release of Panzer Dragoon Orta, which can read here. In other news, and also relevant to the new Panzer Dragoon Revival petition, GamesRadar listed Panzer Dragoon Saga in their 10 hard-to-find classics that deserve a second chance. Finally, Andriasang reports that Yukio Futatsugi’s Project Draco will be playable at an event at Akihabara on February 26.

To conclude this news post, we hope the Panzer Dragoon fans will support the Panzer Dragoon Revival initiative, and be sure to look forward to more updates from The Will of the Ancients and Panzer Dragoon Revival throughout the year!

Project Draco at Tokyo Game Show


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Tokyo Game Show 2011 has come and gone. If you’ve been following this website on Facebook or Twitter you’ll likely be aware of the latest details surrounding Project Draco, the upcoming Kinect title from Panzer Dragoon creator Yukio Futatsugi. Project Draco is a rail shooter, with RPG elements where you raise your dragon virtual pet style. It has a control scheme similar to Child of Eden. The game is planned for release in 2012 on Xbox Live Arcade and is exclusive to Kinect (no controller support). There will also be a three player online co-op mode over Xbox Live.

Project Draco is more colourful than the bleak, but much loved, world of Panzer Dragoon. It looks stunning. Futatsugi has stressed that it is not a Panzer Dragoon game, going as far to make some comparisons while at the same time pointing out key differences between the games. In a article he says:

In the Panzer Dragoon series if you pressed the left or right trigger buttons, you could face anywhere you wanted. We cut that feature specifically because it doesn’t work on Kinect.

It’s good to know that Grounding aren’t going to shoehorn all of Panzer Dragoon’s features into Project Draco, as some are unlikely to work well with the Kinect interface. Furthermore, Futatsugi was asked whether he would want to make Project Draco a Panzer Dragoon game at all:

Not really. I guess because all the things that I wanted to do with Panzer I did already. So I’m not really fixated on that game so much anymore. If for example, I was tasked with a different job of making a Panzer Dragoon sequel, then I probably wouldn’t even do it on Kinect. So that I would enjoy doing on its own, but it’s a different thing.

So he hasn’t ruled out making a new Panzer Dragoon game completely…

More details (including screenshots) of Project Draco can be found in the following articles:

More Project Draco Information and Screenshots


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Kotaku have updated their website with a couple of Project Draco screenshots, provided to them by the Japanese gaming website Famitsu. The screenshots appear to be taken from the trailer (or are very similar).

Also, the Japanese gaming news website Andriasang have reportedly spoken to Yukio Futatsugi regarding the development of Project Draco. The following information is provided on their blog:

Futatsugi, director of Panzer Dragoon and Phantom Dust, is working on the tentatively titled Project Draco to be published by Microsoft in 2011. Draco is a 3D flight shooting game. Players use Kinect to communicate with a dragon, raising it and making it learn skills, with the hopes of deepening your bond with the creature. In the game’s online mode, you can fly through the skies with your friends.

For their work on Kinect, Futatsugi and his staff are taking care to ensure that players can enjoy themselves for lengthy periods without betting tired. They’re paying attention to such things as the length of a single map and the frequency of enemy attacks. Explained Futatsugi, Project Draco is not a party type game where everyone enjoys themselves for brief periods, but is rather the type of game into which players sink their teeth. Because of this, they’re developing the game to keep players from being tired while still delivering a control scheme that delivers a direct feel of movement.

As a sales point for the game, he said, “Don’t you want to be able to actually experience the feeling of communicating with a dragon and riding it into battle? I do.”

Reports so far indicate that some Kinect launch titles suffer from control issues, so it’s a relief to know that Futatsugi and the team are placing a great deal of attention on the way the player interacts with Kinect. It sounds like the team are really focusing on the bond between the dragon and rider this time, and the promise of a game that requires extended play periods suggests that it will be more than a mere rail shooter. As a Panzer Dragoon fan, I await more news with eager anticipation.

Project Draco "Not a Panzer Dragoon Game"


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Microsoft Game Studios VP Phil Spencer has reported to Joystiq that he wouldn’t call the new Kinect game, Project Draco, a Panzer Dragoon game. Joystiq reports:

“It’s a Kinect game for one thing, which is going to have its own take on it,” Spencer said, referring to the concept of riding a dragon. Spencer added that “there are some differences between – as a Panzer Dragoon fan – the stuff we’ve seen in the Panzer Dragoon series and [Project Draco],” but he didn’t elaborate on those differences. During the Microsoft keynote where the game was announced, Futatsugi explained, “What I wanted to do most is to fly.” So perhaps Draco is more flying and less on-rails shooting?

This might seem obvious given that Microsoft doesn’t own the Panzer Dragoon intellectual property, but it’s interesting learn that the game will stray from the conventional Panzer Dragoon formula too. Lets hope that it contains a decent amount of Panzer flavour that fans have been so eager to experience more of.

We still don’t have a confirmation as to the means of distribution (full Xbox 360 game versus Xbox Live Arcade title), or whether the game will be playable without the Kinect peripheral. I’ll post more news as it comes.

New Dragon Combat Game From Panzer Dragoon Creator!


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This is huge news for Panzer Dragoon fans. Yukio Futatsugi, the director of the original Panzer Dragoon and a prominent member of Team Andromeda, unveiled his latest creation at this year’s Tokyo Game Show. Project Draco is a dragon riding combat game that is being developed exclusively for the Xbox 360, designed for Microsoft’s motion-based Kinect peripheral.

You only need to look at this stunning concept art to see the similarities between Project Draco and Panzer Dragoon.

There’s also a trailer, available on and also on YouTube.

According to

The game is called Project Draco, and has you both flying your dragon in aerial combat, as well as using Kinect’s camera capabilities to “nurture and learn to communicate” with your steed, which in turn will help it fight more ferociously.

While this isn’t a sequel to Panzer Dragoon, Project Draco could well be a worthy spiritual successor to the series, perhaps even preferable to a new Panzer from Sega themselves. We’ll know for sure when the game is released in 2011.

The Art of Panzer Dragoon is Back


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Many thanks for everyone’s patience. The best Panzer Dragoon art site on the web is now back online and can be found at a new URL:

It is now hosted by The Will of the Ancients. This is an older version of the site, however it contains the vast majority of the art from before the site went down. Lagi is currently hunting for his backup that contains the more recent updates; I’ll add these images as soon as they’re available.

I’ve also added four new pieces of fan art from Tyrone Kamran. These would have to be his best drawings yet:

Edge Fighting a Baldor Edge at Camp With the Dragon Edge Badnik Lagi Badnik With Edge

Videos, Artwork, and Emulation News


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I’ve added three videos to the site that many of you will be familiar with. These fake trailers were created by Lord Craymen and Senor Kaffee to trick fans into believing that a new Panzer Dragoon game was on the horizon. If you haven’t seen the trailers, be sure to check them out in the Videos section.

Tyrone Kamran has submitted a new piece of fan art depicting Edge’s fight with the baldors at the start of Panzer Dragoon Saga.

Baldors in the Valley Retroscoped

The image was created using rotoscoping, and the artist hopes to create a full animation of the fight in the future. Speaking of artwork, you may be aware that The Art of Panzer Dragoon, undoubtably the best Panzer art site on the web, is currently offline. If you’re looking for the art from that site there’s a copy on the Internet Archive although be aware that some of art won’t load. I can’t confirm when The Art of Panzer Dragoon will be back online.

If you missed the update on Panzer Dragoon Legacy, there has been some progress in the development of Xbox emulation on the PC. The Cxbx emulator now runs Panzer Dragoon Orta, although admittedly it’s far from playable at this stage. You can read more about it on the developer’s blog, and see it in action in this YouTube video:

It’s great to know that someone is working on this.

The Will of the Ancients now has a microblog that be found on the Facebook, Twitter, and social networks, so you can be informed of news updates and more straight from these services. I’ve wanted to add an RSS or Atom feed to this site for a while but given the limitations of how the site was originally coded it’s not practical to implement one. I recommend subscribing to a feed on Facebook, Twitter, or if you want updates sent to your feed reader.

If you’re looking for a good film to see, James Cameron’s Avatar is a fantastic achievement in cinema and features many similarities to Panzer Dragoon (especially Orta), so be sure to check it out. And that’s it for this update. I hope everyone has an enjoyable Christmas and ends the decade on a high note.

Going Forward


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After a four and a half month break from work, gaming, and a static lifestyle, I’m back. To an extent, anyway, another part of me is still off exploring Veliko Tarnovo’s ancient fortress. It was great to meet some of you in person during my travels, and I hope to see some of you again in the months to come. The journey isn’t over yet.

The break has given me time to think over a number of things; what’s important to me and what I really want to achieve with my time. Given this, I have no plans to make any radical changes to The Will of the Ancients. There is a lot that could be done to improve the site, to modernise it, to expand it. The general understanding I have is that people are (more or less) happy with the way things are. Change is good, but improvement for the sake of improvement can sometimes be more trouble than its worth. This doesn’t mean that I’ll be abandoning the site (far from it), but I’ll be focusing my attention on other projects. The site is staying online, the forums aren’t going anywhere, and if the content keeps coming in you can expect the same slow but steady stream of updates.

Although I cannot promise frequent updates this year, it’s good to be writing something here again. For this update, Kevin Berryman has submitted five new pieces of artwork, which have been placed in the Fan Art section. For your convenience, I’ve linked to them individually below. Many thanks for submitting these, Kevin.

Azel of the Ancients Edge of the World Azel Tragic Hero Azel Sunset Azel Sketch, Digitally Enhanced

You may have also noticed a change in the URL of both the main site and the forums. The primary domain for The Will of the Ancients is now and the forums can be found at and will continue to work, the only difference is the site’s primary and secondary domains have been swapped over. I feel that a website’s domain and name should go together. Hosted sites will still use a subdomain in the format since they are not directly associated with The Will of the Ancients.

Panzer Dragoon Prototypes... Released!


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Hidden Palace has been updated with a torrent of the Panzer Dragoon prototypes. The prototypes included in the torrent are listed as follows:

  • Panzer Dragoon Saga - Sep 16, 1997 prototype - Disc 1 (of only 1?)
  • Panzer Dragoon Saga - Nov 30, 1997 prototype - Discs 1, 2 and 3
  • Panzer Dragoon Saga - Dec 22, 1997 prototype - Disc 1
  • Panzer Dragoon Saga - Dec 30, 1997 prototype - Discs 3 and 4
  • Panzer Dragoon Zwei - 45% prototype (preview) - Feb 02, 1996

I have added a copy of the torrent to the Accessories section.

Panzer Dragoon Prototypes


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Have you ever wondered what Panzer Dragoon Saga was like before it was completed? What changes were made prior to its release, what bugs were fixed? Well now this question has partially been answered. I recently had the opportunity to play through disc 1 of a prototype version of Panzer Dragoon Saga dated September the 16th, 1997. The prototype was bought off an unnamed contact of DRX, the owner of video game prototype website Hidden Palace, along with a number of other prototypes (of Saga and Zwei). These prototypes will all be released later in the week on DRX’s website, so stay tuned for another update here when that happens.

This release would not have been possible without the generous donations of the online Panzer Dragoon community here at The Will of the Ancients, so thank you everyone who donated. As small as we are, it just goes to show how passionate people can be when it comes to this series. Sega, are you listening? :)

I’ve posted my impressions of the 16/9/1997 Azel prototype in the following forum topic (skip to the fourth page). Images of some of the differences are available in the Screenshots section.

For this update, Snowgirl Orta has also submitted a new piece of art, a sketch of the drone Azel which I’d added to the Fan Art section. Also, Sega have confirmed that The Zoah, mentioned in the previous update, is going to be the official name of the alien race in Sonic Chronicles.

Vote For "The Zoah" to Appear in New Sonic RPG!


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Sega Europe are hosting a poll on what the name of the new enemy race should be called in the upcoming Sonic Chronicles: The Dark Brotherhood. If you’re going to come up a name for an alien race in a Sonic the Hedgehog RPG, why not name it after a place from one of the greatest Sega RPGs ever made? That’s exactly what the people over at Sega Nerds have done, by suggesting that the new alien race should be named The Zoah.

Looking at the list of considered names, The Zoah would definitely be my choice, Panzer or no Panzer. If you agree, it will only take a few seconds to vote for The Zoah. The closing date for voting is the 15th of March, so get in quick.

Update: Orta Fully Playable on NTSC 360s


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It has come to my attention that the issue mentioned in the previous update (of Panzer Dragoon Orta crashing after the third episode when playing it on the Xbox 360) does not exist in the NTSC version of the game. According to a number of American Xbox 360 owners from The Seekers’ Stronghold, the update runs Panzer Dragoon Orta near flawlessly on NTSC consoles (with the exception of some choppiness in the FMV sequences).

The April update wasn’t the last emulation update that Microsoft plans to release for the Xbox 360 so lets hope that a future update will fix the PAL problems.

Play Through Panzer Dragoon Orta on the Xbox 360


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Microsoft has recently updated their list of original Xbox games that run on the Xbox 360 and Panzer Dragoon Orta is among them! Some of us thought it would never come, but Microsoft’s latest update includes a number of the more highly acclaimed Japanese titles released on the Xbox, including Jet Set Radio Future (Smilebit) and Phantom Dust (from the creator of Panzer Dragoon himself!).

Unfortunately, the update isn’t without issues; when I tried playing Orta on my Xbox 360 it crashed after the third episode. I’ve made Microsoft aware of the problem, but it is bit disappointing to see these kinds of errors pop up when a bit more testing might have prevented the problem. I can sympathise with the developers who are working hard to emulate this titles though; it’s amazing what they’ve managed to achieve so far. Hopefully they’ll roll an update out soon, and all will be well.

The first three episodes of the game run fine, however. Slowdown was very minimal, and it felt just like playing on the original Xbox. Small black borders accompany the left and right of the screen, but for the most part you’ll forget that they’re there. Once Microsoft have ironed out the problems with this update, it will be an excellent opportunity for new players to experience the game, and for old to re-experience it in a higher resolution.

Panzer Dragoon on the Wii? Not Quite


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There isn’t a new Panzer Dragoon game coming out on the Wii (unfortunately), but the GlovePIE scripting community has come up with what just might be the next best thing. By connecting the Wii Remote to your PC, via bluetooth, and applying a script, it is now possible to play the PC version of Panzer Dragoon with the Wii Remote. Not owning a Wii Remote, I haven’t had the opportunity to try this out for myself, but several videos are available on the Internet demonstrating this unique way of playing Panzer Dragoon. The developers are planning on releasing future revisions of the script to make the game easier to control.

The script, as well as videos demonstrating Panzer Dragoon being played with the Wii Remote, can be found on the Global Domination website.

We're Back


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The Will of the Ancients was down for a few days, due to some problems with the domain, and my webhost changing owners. Everything seems to be up and running smoothly again now, but if you encounter any problems with the site please do let me know. My webhost has made a number of changes to their servers, so there is a chance that certain parts of The Will of the Ancients may not work correctly.

I recently obtained a copy of the Sega Ages 2500, the PS2 remake of the original Panzer Dragoon game. To be blunt, there isn’t a great deal of point picking this title up if you’ve already played the game before (which I suspect most readers of this site probably have), but I’ll post a full review in the future going over my opinion of the game in greater detail.

Pandora's Box in Panzer Dragoon for PS2


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Although this will probably be old news to you by now, I thought that I should mention this news here for those who don’t frequent the site’s forums. The PS2 release of the original game, Sega Ages 2500: Panzer Dragoon, will now feature a Pandora’s Box. Thus far the only thing that has been revealed about the Pandora’s Box is a single screenshot, so it’s difficult to say if this will be simply be a level/weapon select with a few additional options (Zwei) or an expansive database of Panzer Dragoon history (Orta). Judging by the screenshot, I’m guessing that it will simply be a menu containing the features found in the various cheats of the original game, with a few minor extras, but your guess is as good as mine.

A few other things have changed since the last time that I updated. A registration error on the forums that wasn’t allowing any new members to sign up has been fixed. Also due to bandwidth limitations, I have had to take down the Panzer albums from the Music section. It’s a shame really, but if you hunt around for a bit, you should be able to find other sites containing the soundtracks.

By the way, it may seem like I’ve been abandoning this place recently, and to a certain extent that is true. However, I can assure you all I have absolutely no plans to cease updating The Will of the Ancients. It’ll just be longer between updates than it once was, but I’m sure most of you have probably noticed this trend already. Fresh content is currently being prepared however, so stay tuned.

A Music Playing Music Box and More Music


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Sega recently revealed on their Sega Direct website that a DX Pack for Sega Ages 2500 Panzer Dragoon Volume 27 would be coming out. The deluxe version of the game includes a Panzer badge, as well as a music box that supposedly plays the main theme from the game. It’s an interesting bonus, in my opinion. has the game listed for the 3rd of May 2006, but as far as I know the official release date of the game is still up in the air.

Speaking of music, I’ve added lossless versions of Panzer Dragoon II Zwei Alternative Elements and the entire Azel: Panzer Dragoon RPG Memorial Album (the complete soundtrack for Saga) to the Music section. I’m actually listening to the track “Interception” as I type this. It truly is an amazing soundtrack.

I was planning on having some more written content on the site for this update, but I wanted to get this news up quickly before it became too old. However, you can expect an update reasonably soon, containing some new articles.

The Will of the Ancients is Finally Back Online


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The Will of the Ancients and most of its content is now back online, having been down for almost a month from sometime in December last year. Due some problems with my last webhost, I decided that it was best to move the site once again, but unfortunately it wasn’t at a very good time for me as I’d been busy with a new job and also I’d only just arrived back from a relatively computer-free holiday yesterday. The opportunity has only just arisen to get the site properly up and running again. So my apologies for the down time; lets look forward to a future of (hopefully) stable Panzer Dragoon coverage at

Not that there’s been any news on the Panzer front; nothing new has been revealed about the Sega Ages remake or a new title in the series. As most of you will know, the Xbox 360 was recently launched in a number of countries including the US and Japan, with a domestic release here in New Zealand planned for March the 2nd. Sega are already supporting the console with western developed games Condemned and Full Auto, but will a high definition Panzer Dragoon game grace the new Xbox? We can only hope for the best, but expect the worst.

Downloadable Footage of Sega Ages: Panzer Dragoon


Published by Solo Wing in News

Just a quick update to let everyone know (if you haven’t already seen it) that has released a trailer of the new Panzer Dragoon “remake”. The game isn’t so much of a remake as an enhanced port of the original game, with improved models in some places, and a (much needed!) smoother frame rate. Sites like Gamespot couldn’t tell some of the smaller differences between the new version and the original so it’s looking likely that this one might only be something that hardcore Panzer Dragoon fans will want to pick up. However, the framerate was one of the biggest flaws of the original Saturn version, which carried over into the PC and Xbox versions, so it is nice that something is finally being done about it. Follow this link to download the screener and see the game running for yourself.

The Magic Box has also posted some screenshots, which look like they’re straight from the 1up video. I must admit, news has been slow in coming to the main page of this site, so if you’re eager to find out about the latest updates on Sega Ages: Panzer Dragoon be sure to check out the latest posts in this forum topic.

And yes I know, I promised some new content for The Will of the Ancients, and it hasn’t come; rest assured, it will be included as part of the next update.