Wildman Inc Releases an English Translation of the Tokyo Game Show Teaser

Wildman Inc Releases an English Translation of the Tokyo Game Show Teaser

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The Panzer Dragoon VR Twitter account has released an English translation of the 31 second Panzer Dragoon Voyage Record Tokyo Game Show teaser which we examine here in more depth.

This is the same trailer as the Japanese language version we covered earlier, but there’s a few details in this English translation that will likely be of interest to Panzer Dragoon fans.

Video Details for "Panzer Dragoon Voyage Record Tokyo Game Show Teaser (English Translation)"

The trailer writes that, “Since the announcement of the production in March of this year. We’re working diligently to keep the art faithful to the original!” At the same time as this text appears we see a close up of some models of the ruins from Panzer Dragoon Episode 1. Based on these models I have to say that agree with the text; the models are indeed faithful to the Panzer Dragoon art style.

Further in the trailer we get some details. By the end of 2020, Wildman Inc expects some gameplay videos to be released. The trailer also states that crowdfunding for additional episodes will take place. We knew Wildman intended to crowdfund the game already, but it’s nice to see that this is still the plan. With less than three months left in the year, we can expect crowdfunding to begin very soon.

The trailer lists the following VR platforms:

It’s good some see more specific details on the platforms that Panzer Dragoon Voyage Record will be released on. What it doesn’t tell us is anything concrete about the system requirements or timing of the release. We don’t know whether the game will arrive on both PlayStation 4 and 5. We don’t know whether it will be released all platforms at the same time, or if it’ll become a timed exclusive. Even with lower budget headsets such as PlayStation VR and Oculus Quest 2, the hardware isn’t cheap and is constantly evolving. It would be sensible for fans to hold off buying anything until closer to launch if you were planning to get into VR specifically for this game.

All in all, it’s the same teaser we saw earlier and besides some new models it reveals very little. But based on the models we’ve seen so far, I’m impressed with the art direction, which is a faithful one, unlike the recently released Panzer Dragoon: Remake which took some creative liberties in places. To me, the art here feels close to the Saturn Panzer Dragoon games, which is definitely appreciated. So, I’m looking forward how the actual game in motion looks, which we can expect soon.

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