Why is Panzer Dragoon Voyage Record a VR Only Game? Wildman Explains

Why is Panzer Dragoon Voyage Record a VR Only Game? Wildman Explains
By Solo Wing

In a recent series of tweets, Wildman (posting via the PanzerDragoonVR Twitter) explains why VR was chosen as Panzer Dragoon Voyage Record's platform, plus some thoughts from Solo Wing on the topic.

The series of tweets contains the following:

I would like to reiterate our thoughts here on why VR.

When Panzer Dragoon came out, full 3D games were still new and people were into 2D games.

When Panzer Dragoon Saga came out, 3D RPGs with full real-time backgrounds were still new, and people were into RPGs with pre-rendered backgrounds.

Based on this history, I believe that the backbone of Panzer Dragoon is “challenges that seem reckless to others”.

Therefore, We believe that Panzer Dragoon needs to take on new challenges in order to make a comeback to the modern mainstream.

VR is the right platform for this now.

It is already selling better than the Saturn at the time, and it was niche enough to make Panzer Dragoon stand out and have favorable conditions.

PDVR has been chosen by major VR media as the VR game to come in 2021.

So PDVR is completely dedicated to VR.

If you do not agree with these, unfortunately you are not our target. Sorry.

On the other hand, if you agree with these, please give us your generous support. 🙏

The reasoning is valid here. When Panzer Dragoon Saga came out, the game that dominated the space was Final Fantasy VII. It was a technically impressive game for its time featuring 3D characters on top of pre-rendered backgrounds, but Saga’s fully realised 3D worlds (with a few sprites thrown in here and there) and rich FMV storytelling surpassed it and brought the genre forward. Panzer Dragoon Saga was incredibly progressive and ahead of it’s time. The game’s sequel, Final Fantasy VIII, which came out after Saga, was playing catch up in many ways, even featuring an in-game joke about about an ‘Anti-Azel’ movement suggesting that Panzer Dragoon Saga was at the forefront of their minds.

The effect of pushing the technical boundaries shouldn’t be understated, even if that creates some barriers to entry. Half-Life Alyx might be a good comparison. While the game’s sales were held back by the VR requirement, the game received universal acclaim for the way it allowed players to be inside the world, to be able to touch it and interact with it directly. It continued the trend of the Half-Life franchise being perceived in the eyes of gamers as an innovator.

Of course, the execution of Panzer Dragoon Voyage Record is what will make or break the game, and we haven’t seen enough of it so far to be able to gauge its quality. But Wildman is certainly going for a worthy target here. I’m looking forward to seeing the game in action in the (hopefully) near future.

Image credit: Half-Life Alyx