VGMO Interviews Saori Kobayashi at MAGFest 2017

VGMO Interviews Saori Kobayashi at MAGFest 2017

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Emily McMillan from VGMO (Video Game Music Online) recently interviewed Panzer Dragoon Saga composer Saori Kobayashi at MAGFest 2017.

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In the Interview, Saori Kobayashi shares some interesting insight into her album Terra Magica, which was released last year, in how it relates to Panzer Dragoon:

I’m very well aware that most of my fans are Panzer Dragoon music fans so I definitely wanted to keep elements of that in place for this album. In terms of the packaging on the CD–as we all know, Panzer Dragoon is a game series that takes place in the sky, and that’s been a very prominent theme of those games, but for something like Terra Magica, I wanted to focus on the ground a bit more. I wanted to show that part of the Panzer Dragoon world that has not been as prominently featured, if that makes sense.

There is no game, but it’s supposed to sound like it came from a game. It’s an album that’s made specifically for people who like to listen to that, my old music.

Also, we learn that the music of Crimson Dragon was changed specifically for the Xbox One version. The arrangement was done by an orchestra, and a more Hollywood-based composer, however the Xbox 360 versions of some of those tracks ended up on her album Journey. “Journey would be the way I would have done it.” Kobayashi says.

Alexander Aniel from Brave Wave also revealed that there’s more coming from Saori Kobayashi in the future. “Big anniversary coming up!”, he says. Could he be talking about Panzer Dragoon Saga’s 20th anniversary next year?