Skiad Ops Retro and Multibrawlr Join the Panzer Dragoon Legacy Team

Skiad Ops Retro and Multibrawlr Join the Panzer Dragoon Legacy Team
By Solo Wing

We're happy to announce the addition of two new site admins, Skiad Ops Retro and Multibrawlr, who have joined the Panzer Dragoon Legacy team to help improve the website.

Recently I invited two community members to join our small group of admins at Panzer Dragoon Legacy. Both are recent fans of the series; they’ll offer new perspectives and support in improving the website.

Skiad Ops Retro has joined to help me to cover the news, which can expected to pick up again as we learn more about Panzer Dragoon II Zwei: Remake and Panzer Dragoon Voyage Record. If you’re interested in reading some of his previous work, take a look at his writing on Wackoid.

Skiad Ops Retro has also been working on new translations of the Panzer Dragoon guidebooks which we’ll aim to put on the website in the future.

The second new site admin is Multibrawlr, whom you may recognise from his work on Panzer Dragoon Wiki. Multibrawlr has joined us to help with quality control on the website while continuing to improve the community wiki.

These new admins come as part of a push from me to improve the website. The landscape of how Panzer Dragoon fans consume content has changed a lot since the rise of social media, so our recent focus has reflected that direction. I suspect many of you only view our content on Twitter, and that is completely fine. But it has always been my intention to make following our social media channels a choice, with the website continuing to be a primary platform to consume our content. If Panzer Dragoon Legacy is like Xbox, the website should be that high spec gaming PC, offering the best experience, even if the majority play on console or in the cloud. That’s the direction I want to move Panzer Dragoon Legacy in and it starts with getting more people on board to help improve the website’s content.