Panzer Dragoon: Remake Odds and Ends Following E3 2019

Panzer Dragoon: Remake Odds and Ends Following E3 2019

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I’ve gathered up a few articles/media covering the upcoming remake of Panzer Dragoon, based on the footage that was shown at E3 2019.

First up, Digital Foundry has posted a quick technical analysis of the remake’s E3 trailer in one of their recent videos. The Panzer Dragoon: Remake analysis starts at 6:51.

Forever Entertainment have released a slideshow of their post-E3 presentation. Here they look back on the media coverage and reactions on their E3 Panzer Dragoon Remake trailer. Most of the presentation is in Polish, but with accompanying visuals.

Monika Ginter from Forever Entertainment has also confirmed that a physical version of Panzer Dragoon: Remake is coming, but no further details are currently available (or news on platforms besides Switch).

A recent entry from Polish blog Strefain goes into more detail about the development of the game, including that the remake of Panzer Dragoon II Zwei is already in pre-production. We’ll have more news in this area as it arrives.

There’s also a new interview by USGamer with the creator of the original Panzer Dragoon series, Yukio Futatsugi. His stance on a new Panzer Dragoon release is basically that if it’s just copying the work, it’s something he’s already done and he wouldn’t need to make a new one. Futatsugi acknowledges he’d need to integrate “modern trends” into any new Panzer release, so it would end up being a different kind of game. Although part of him thinks that maybe he doesn’t need to make a new Panzer Dragoon, he’d says it would be nice to create something that features the unique world and look of the original games.

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