Interviews with Panzer Dragoon: Remake Producer Benjamin Anseaume

Interviews with Panzer Dragoon: Remake Producer Benjamin Anseaume

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Although slightly old news now, the podcast SEGA Saturn, Shiro! recently interviewed Benjamin Anseaume (producer of the upcoming Panzer Dragoon: Remake). Listen to Season 3, Episode 8. The podcast doesn’t reveal too much more information, although we do learn that there’ll be two versions of the soundtrack, the classic version from Yoshitaka Azuma, and a new version.

There’s also an interview with Benjamin Anseaume from Fragments of Silicon which I unfortunately haven’t had the chance to listen to yet, however Discord member KamerzystaKarol provided this nice summary of some of the points made:

  • They started working on Panzer Dragoon II Zwei and plan to “finish it next year”
  • There will be new modes
  • It definitely won’t be $60; the price will reflect the length of the game
  • The game is being built in Unity
  • It’s not necessarily Switch only, but no other platforms have been announced
  • There are plans to utilise the Switch’s HD Rumble and Gyro controls
  • Re-confirmation that both remakes will get physical releases
  • The first remake will be 720p portable, 1080p docked
  • The speed of the game was tweaked; now runs much faster than what we saw during Nintendo E3 Direct
  • It’s possible that the game might be at Gamescom (but no info on if it will be playable)
  • More info “in the upcoming weeks”

With Gamescom almost upon us, no doubt we’ll be learning more concrete information about Panzer Dragoon: Remake very soon.

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