Crimson Dragon: Side Story 1.1 Released


Published by Solo Wing in News

WPCentral reports that an update has been released for Crimson Dragon: Side Story. The patch fixes a number of bugs, in particular the issues relating to the GPS and corrupt save files. Here’s the full list of fixes, courtesy of Microsoft’s PR team:

  • Fixed the issue where the GPS distance calculation was not functioning properly
  • The game will now correctly calculate the distance traveled from the last check-in location even if the game is not left on. The game will also now automatically check in on game boot.
  • Changes have been made to the GPS Specialist Achievement
  • Given the fix to the GPS distance calculation, the achievement “GPS Specialist” should now be much easier to unlock.
  • The correct unlock condition for this achievement is ”Use the in-game GPS feature to collect 50 Jewels.” To help out, the game now shows how many jewels you have earned in the GPS check-in screen.
  • Fixed a rare issue that could cause the game save to disappear
  • Fixed an issue with English text being displayed incorrectly in a Chinese language environment

It’s good to learn that these issues have been fixed. I have yet to try the update; I’ll give the GPS feature another try when I go for a walk later today. Better to obtain jewels by exercising than by purchasing them.