Tower Report 3 (Tower Function Report)

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Official text extracted from Panzer Dragoon Saga.




Record by ‘Compiler’ Zadoc The rulers of the ancient times created an administrative system throughout the world to control the population of the humans with large machines. These machines are known as ‘Towers’.


The path to free ourselves from the will of the ancients lies is the destruction, or neutralization of all Towers. The following is a summary of the research the ‘Compilers’ have done through the years.

Function of the Tower


Though with slight variations, Towers’ reponsibilities can be divided into two categories: Preservation / Regeneration, and Production / Analysis of the monsters.


At the same time the Towers purify the air, water, and soil to enlarge inhabitable areas, they employ monsters to remove elements that threaten the environment, including humans.


But over the years, the Towers, have worn down. They are not functioning efficiently. The regeneration process that began in the Ancient Age has still not been completed.


However, if the Towers return to normal, the number of humans would have to be severely reduced, or we will have to live in a much harsher environment, where the fruits of the land would not regenerate.

The Tower and Sestren


Sestren is the will of the ancients. Sestren is located in a place, between time and space, where no mortal can ever reach it. Sestren controls all Towers.


In the Ancient Age, the Towers were called ‘Azel Sestrens’, or ‘Servants of Sestren’. All Towers are tools for Sestren so it can exercise its power on the world. If Sestren is destroyed, the Towers will sleep.


For one to make contact with Sestren, one must open the gate to cross the gap in time and space. Sestren can be reached from any Tower, but no methods of opening the gate have ever been discovered.

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