Diary of Skiad Ops Lundi

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An unofficial fan translation.

A translation of the Old Diary from Panzer Dragoon Saga. Although the translation contains roughly the same information as the version that was included in the game, it offers a slightly more accurate alternative.


The Beginning


Apparently you are reading this, I have accepted my fate with the Seekers, as surely the Dragon I was riding did, the fact that you have discovered this book must have some significance. You and I have had a similar encounter with the Dragon, and you must be the person to throw yourself into a battle with the Tower.


The opportunity has arisen to end the conflict, our friend, the Dragon, personally entrusting me with the secret of his existence, passing it onto me. After that I became a member of the Seekers. I became a [Compiler1] becoming versed in joint efforts, hopefully through these notes I will be able to explain the whole thing.


Here in the diary I should mention, I am entrusting you with this secret, the extremely small part I know. If the small knowledge that I have given has helped you in your similar circumstance, then I will be happy.

Birth of the Dragon


Before the worlds current form had been established, there were groups of ruins called [Towers]. The aim of these constructions was to manage various areas of the ancient world, “Living Weapons” selflessly2 governing death.


However, even in the Ancient Age, there were those who were against the Towers.

Towers were the Lords of Creation, the fear of destruction from the Tower depending on him.3 From inside the womb of [Uru] the fountain of the world, the guardians of the Tower were the strongest “Living Weapons” ever developed.4 That was, the Dragons.


Respectively Tower 1 is given over to the head Dragon, the mission given to them is still continued now as expected of them. Even the Imperial troops that handle Ancient Age weapons are torn apart by the protection. To be able to oppose the strength of that Dragon, a similar Dragon is needed.

The Heresy Dragon


Now that you are the dragon rider, our friends soul now lies with you. Simply, he is the [Destroyer of Towers] dragon soul. Within reason, all other dragons are your enemy.


Our friend, who is the Heretic child of the dragon, was the birth and the heresy. Our friend was accepted into this world as a mutant Coolia, and raised under my protection. However, the dragon suddenly awakened on his first encounter with the Tower.


It has puzzled me why he was born as a heresy, that is not certain. He and I grew up together, that couldn’t have merely been an accident. However, he did pick me as his rider. When the Tower destroyed my old home he had all the something5 and strength that I could wish for.


At the end of our journey together, after the Tower of the sky - Shelcoof and Georgious fell and things came to a conclusion, my friends power exhausted as expected, he cast away his flesh and entered a deep sleep. Now, once again his body has been reborn and awakened, and you have been picked as the new rider.

To the New Rider


Perhaps our friend is about to lead you to the Tower. His purpose is the extinction of all the Towers, we do not know what we would gain from that. Whatever the reason, the rider has time to think about it.


Whatever strength we can lend to our friend, we must help him carry out his goal. That is, to free the world from the Will of the Ancient Age, you must raise yourself higher and drive off the shadow of death.


  1. What!!?? ?? Means knitting or braiding - but ???? means to compile. I’m assuming then that Lundi didn’t take up crochet, but rather became a compiler, even if that isn’t what it directly translates as (well not in the five dictionaries I’ve used, anyway). 

  2. I’m not 100% sure I’ve got the right kanji, but it’s gonna be something like that. 

  3. Sestren? (Pure speculation, I might add). 

  4. It might be worth mentioning that the word used here for “protection” insinuates divine protection. 

  5. I’ve tried, but the resolution on the game is pretty low, and I can’t find this kanji at all! >.< It’d read something like “..had all the Wisdom/power/courage and strength that I…” 

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