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Information about the pure-type monsters in Panzer Dragoon Saga. These entries come from the Data on Defeated Enemies screen in Panzer Dragoon Saga which can be found by pausing the game.

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Created by Sestren, this dragon has the same appearance and attacks as the dragon’s Basic Form. Laser


Created by Sestren, this dragon has the same appearance and attacks as the dragon’s Eye Form. It’s offense consists of powerful magic spells. Armageddon Blade Storm Plasma Swarm Berserker Rage


Created by Sestren, this dragon has the same appearance and attacks as the dragon’s Panzer Form. The fastest of the evil dragons, it attacks relentlessly. Laser Blade Storm


Created by Sestren, this dragon has the same appearance and attacks as the dragon’s Stripe Form. It fights primarily with lasers. Laser


Created by Sestren, this dragon has the same appearance and attacks as the dragon’s Valiant Form. It relies mostly on a strong defense. Laser


Arangata were released by the Towers to form a tight defense in strategic areas. As long as their “roots” are intact, they are indestructible. Tornado Counterattack

Atolm, Ancient

Atolm has found the ancient weapon he used in the past. It is a weightless mass of laser cannons, capable of destroying an entire region with a single blast. Laser Prism Trap Status Clear

Atolm Dragon

Atolm is a Guardian of the Ancient Age. His appearance strikes fear into the hearts of the most hardened warriors. At this point, he does not seem to have fully recovered from his long slumber. Laser Warp Berserker Rage

Atolm, Orbs

Atolm is escorted by two pairs of Orbs. One pair is responsible for regeneration, while the other focuses on attacking. Atolm still retains all of his normal powers. Laser Warp Berserker Rage Lightning Storm

Atolm, Orbs II

Once Atolm reaches full strength, he gains the ability to summon his dreadful orbs at will. If his weakness is not exploited, he is all but invincible. Laser Warp Berserker Rage Lightning Storm Hell Storm

Battle Droid

The Battle Droid is the ultimate form of the Sentinel. Armed with powerful attacks, its purpose is to defend the Tower from invaders. Energy Beams Status Clear


A Guardian of Uru. Drenholm hovers above the water and harnesses energy from the skies to unleash devastating attacks on all that disturb the serenity of Uru. Thunderstorm Eye Beam Thunderstrike


Working in pairs, these Drones are able to repel attacks from all directions. They will attack if they are provoked. Their primary purpose is to defend Mel-Kava from long range laser attacks. Energy Stream Deflect

Glide Dragon

Glide Dragons are mass- produced by the Towers whenever the Towers’ artificial ecosystems become imbalanced. Once summoned, they will attack anything until they are destroyed. Bio Plasma Bio Energy

Golia Hunter

Golia Hunters are predators of the forest. For an ancient battle, the Golia were created. In time, it appears that the Golia have adapted to hunt in forests. They were created to hunt, but they do not eat. Light Wave Bio Plasma

Golia Tracker

Golia Trackers are similar to Golia Hunters, but instead of bounding through the forests, they fly above the trees, and search for victims. Light Wave Bio Plasma

Guardian Dragon

A ghost of the past, this ancient horror has risen again to serve the Towers. It is believed that this monster can never truly die. Laser Light Particle Charged Tail Uppercut Berserk Laser


Hellions patrol the Forbidden Zone. They possess a meteor-like attack that always hits its target. Because they were created by the Towers, they do not need to eat or sleep. Stone Slasher

Infested G.O.

Grig Orig, crawling with energy feeding parasites, lost all control of its weapons and drifted aimlessly, firing in all directions. Spin Parasite Imperial Cannon Status Clear Parasite


These Bio-technical terrors were created by the Towers. Traveling in squadrons, their purpose is to eliminate anything the Towers see as a threat to the balance they’ve created. Laser Laser Storm

Lazara Hammer

The Lazara Hammers are responsible for patrolling the seas. They also serve as the Towers’ defense system. They have the ability to travel above and below the water. Energy Stream Ray Blast

Lazara Hunter

Lazara Hunters are the squadron leaders. They have the ability to raise shields around the entire group. When Lazara attack, they attack as a team. Laser Laser Storm

Lazara Skimmer

The leaders of the water squadrons, they help coordinate the attacks of their groups. It is unknown whether they control their own actions, or if they are simply pawns of the Towers. Energy Stream Ray Blast

Photon Cannon

Photon Cannons are organic mechanisms that grow inside Mel-Kava. They can harness Mel- Kava’s internal energy and focus it on invaders. They act like living guns, rather than thinking creatures. Photon Blast

Plasma Spider

Plasma Spiders roam the corridors of Mel-Kava. Their purpose is to regulate and repair all irregularities in Mel-Kava’s operating systems. They can generate and discharge plasma. Incandescent Light

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