Panzer Dragoon Saga - Data on Defeated Enemies - Pure-Type Monsters

Information about the pure-type monsters in Panzer Dragoon Saga. These entries come from the Data on Defeated Enemies screen in Panzer Dragoon Saga which can be found by pausing the game.

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Protodrones are the prototypes of a second model of Drone. Fortunately, the ancient wars ended before more of these models were created. Energy Stream Reflect


Mel-Kava’s Reactor is a source of power for Mel-Kava. It does have artificial intelligence, and will adapt to all situations. Light Particle Laser Status Clear Purifier 002 Purifier 001 Purifier 000


Scavengers are assigned to defend Mel-Kava. They are known for their speed and their aggressive tendencies. They will attack anything that invades their air space. Laser


If an alarm is triggered, Scorpitaras are summoned. They track their prey and release a concentrated blast of energy. After they attack, they immediately teleport back to a recharging station. Gravity Orb


A Sentinel is one of the Tower’s internal defense mechanisms. If any traps are triggered, a Sentinel is summoned to destroy the unwelcome visitor. Shadow Flare Claw


Sestren is the almighty being that links all of the Towers. His embryonic appearance fools opponents into lowering their defenses.

Sestren Exsis

Few have seen Sestren Exsis in visions and dreams, but only one has encountered it. It has the ability to hurl objects from the past and present from an infinite abyss. Psychic Bolt Consciousness Fusion

Sestren Morphic

Sestren is able to morph itself into several different forms. In this later stage, Sestren is deadly. Laser Through The Heart1 Through The Heart2

Twin Guardians

A pair of powerful guardians that defend the middle core of the Tower. Their two bodies are either psychically linked, or a single entity controls both bodies. Twin Blaze Synchronizer Anguish

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