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Information about the mutated monsters in Panzer Dragoon Saga. These entries come from the Data on Defeated Enemies screen in Panzer Dragoon Saga which can be found by pausing the game.

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Absorbora begin as bulbs that sprout out of an Energ’s Web. They’re a combination of plant and animal. They cannot feed, and redirect all energy that they encounter. It is believed that their life span is short. Discharge


Absorborac are Absorbora at an advanced stage. They have displayed intelligence patterns, and will attack all intruders with a type of plasma bomb. Discharge Explosion


The most dangerous creature in the valleys. It is heavily armored, and easily angered. It fights with barbed tentacles and digestive slime. This brute’s only weakness is its lack of intelligence. Notes Digestive Fluid Tentacles ...


Baldor live in rocky regions. Hunting in pairs, they use their spines to weaken prey and their powerful jaws to finish them off. Baldor are defenseless from behind. Spinal Arrows Terrible Bite

Baldor Queen

For every hundred Baldor exists one dominant female. She secretes a resin that hardens and allows her to suspend herself above canyons. Her only purpose is to make little Baldor. She uses acid as a defense. Acid Spray


An ally of the Energ, this creature defends Energs in exchange for energy. It is ferocious, and should be avoided at all costs. Column of Water Solution Shell Arm Crash


Flocks of Dracolyths are in a constant state of migration. Once they reach a breeding ground, they transform into ferocious dragons. No sightings of mature Dracolyths have ever been recorded. Chaotic Blast Berserk Blast


Spider-like in appearance, these creatures secrete an energy feeding slime that has the ability to sprout Absorboras. They will feed on all types of power. Alone, they are not a threat, but they do have allies. Bomb Drop

Fighter Gigra

When a Gigra feels that it has met a formidable opponent, it assumes this form. It has offensive and defensive capabilities. The Gigra retain this form throughout mating season. Parasites Spears Rain of Spears

Gelata Urchin

This slow moving hunter makes its home in the mountains. It tracks potential meals and fires spines at its prey. Once its prey is dead or immobilized, it feeds. Spines


Gigra are subterranean hulks that hibernate until summoned by a Gigralyph. When they combine, they are able to change shape in order to seek food. Parasites Cave-In


Gigralyphs are intelligent creatures that can combine with their kin, the Gigra. Once combined, the Gigralyph can control the physical properties of its hulking cousin. Alone and unprovoked, Gigralyphs are peaceful.


The large petals detect small creatures under the sand. Hoppers spray digestive fluid on these creatures. Because they focus their attention on the ground, Hoppers are vulnerable from behind. Gastric Bile

Hunter Gigra

The Gigra assume this shape when they stalk their victims. They attack with missile weapons, and will relentlessly pursue a potential meal. Spears Cave-In


The Kolba are peaceful, but extremely paranoid creatures. They will assume anything invading their space is a predator and will attack. Their bodies are covered with markings that resemble eyes. Laser Rain

Large Egg

Much like the Small Eggs, the Large Eggs will remain in a dormant state. If the nest is disturbed, it will hatch and release a Lucich into the world.


An enormous mountain of slime and steam, the Lathum lurks under the sand and feeds on unsuspecting worms. If its weakness is exposed, it can be destroyed. Heat Breath Scalding Breath


Stronger than the Mutant Hoppers, packs of Luciches are also caught in the subterranean struggle. They will feed on everything they encounter. It is believed that Luciches are cannibals. Chomp


Lumids are closely related to Nanyds, but have adapted to live near water. Lumids are not scavengers like their kin. Instead, they hunt creatures that swim too close to the surface of the water. Spine Spine Storm

Lumid Queen

Aside from their predatorial behavior, Lumid swarm hierarchy and behavior patterns are identical to their Nanyd kin. Spine Spine Storm

Magnata Urchin

A female Urchin. She is able to track her prey and telepathically guide all of her spines in order to inflict a maximum amount of damage. The female of the species is more deadlier than the male. Spines Magna Spines

Mutant Flier

Mutant Fliers are an advanced form of the Mutant Hopper. If fed energy, the Hopper will sprout wings. They are always hungry, and will attack anything that may be food. Chomp

Mutant Hopper

Because of the limited resources found in the underground lab of Uru, there is a constant struggle for survival. The mutants wage war in ferocious packs in their battle to feed on energy. Chomp


Nanyds inhabit the Garil desert. Fairly harmless alone, these creatures will travel in swarms of 10-30. They often stay close to larger predators, and scavenge the remains of their kills. Swarm Spine Swarm

Nanyd Queen

Most swarms are led by a queen. The swarm will fight to the death to defend its queen. If the queen is killed, the swarm is overwhelmed by chaotic tendencies. The survivors will scatter and join another swarm. Swarm Spine Swarm

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