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Information about the mutated monsters in Panzer Dragoon Saga. These entries come from the Data on Defeated Enemies screen in Panzer Dragoon Saga which can be found by pausing the game.

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In all Stryder hunting packs, there are dominant creatures that herd the prey toward their doom. The horn of the Neo-Stalker gives it additional powers and the advantage it needs to herd their prey. Paralysis


These predators of the waterways are a hybrid cross between Stryders and Lazara. Their DNA was fused by one of the weapons from the Ancient Age. Their behavior patterns are similar to Stryders. Solution


The female form of the Pattergo, her role is to nurture the others in her group. She may heal herself, and any companions she has at any given time.


Found in the valleys, these peaceful creatures feed on rocks and minerals. They travel in small communal groups. They can only attack to the front, and have no natural defenses. Green Orb


The Pludger got its name from the ‘Pludge’ sound it makes when it spits acid. They are messy eaters, so they often employ Nanyds to clean up after them. Claw Pludger

Sand Mite

Sand Mites are parasites that feed off of Worms. They infest the underground tunnels and drive the Worms from their burrows. They were discovered by a hunter named Underwood. Blue Globe Blue Orb

Slime Feeder

The Slime Feeder is a docile creature that scavenges the lab for chemicals or energy. They use one sharp long tooth to crack open pods and extract fluids. They are often accompanied by freeloading mutants. Adhesive Fluid

Small Egg

Found in the abandoned lab in Uru, these eggs will remain in a dormant state until disturbed. When they hatch, they release Mutant Hoppers.


These pack hunters roam the desert in search of fresh meat. They are very dangerous if you encounter them on the ground, but they are vulnerable from the air. Stryders may have invaded Cainus. Crimson Sphere

Stryder, Hunter

Stryder Hunters have large horns and can paralyze their prey. Their strong jaws are ideal for tearing flesh. Their favorite food is the Coolia. Paralyzing Shard

Swift Gigra

If a Gigra loses a battle, it morphs into a swift flying creature in a desperate attempt to escape. If Gigras fight each other, the loser will be killed unless it leaves the area. Spears Rain of Spears

Winged Lucich

A Winged Lucich is one of the most feared creatures of the underground ruins. They travel in packs, but have been known to turn on their allies when they cannot control their hunger. Chomp

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