Panzer Dragoon Genos Teaser

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The non-screener version of the Panzer Dragoon Genos trailer.

“In 2003 there was rumor about a new Panzer Dragoon RPG in the making. But it was just a cruel joke by the webmasters of the fansite Die Welt von Panzer Dragoon.

This is the video the “fake screener” is based on. Florian Patzke (Lord Craymen) created the 3D animation, my part was to do the cut and to create the audio track of this fake teaser.

To create a believable background we invaded a meeting room in the middle of the night, prepared the flipchart with some japanese notes and played the fake teaser on a beamer. The idea was that some helpful Sega employee recorded an internal presentation and leaked it on the internet.

You can see it here.

The story was picked up by most popular online gaming news sources back then. Some fans are still pretty mad about this stunt, but we are also fans… just with more humor. :)

Edited in After Effects 5. The music is a mix of Panzer Dragoon tracks and Cinematic Suite from Warcraft III. The fake teaser has been filmed with some borrowed DV-cam. The location is one of the office buildings in the media harbour of Düsseldorf.” - Senor Kaffee

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