Panzer Dragoon X - Fake Footage

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Prior to Panzer Dragoon Orta's release, this fake footage was released on the Internet by an unknown source. A swarm of dragon-like creatures fly over a lake and the music 'Interception' plays.

“Some time after the Xbox version of Panzer Dragoon was announced, this mysterious footage was released onto the Internet by an unknown person. The video shows a swarm of dragon-like creatures flying over what looks like a human settlement just above the sea. We also get to see some humanoid patrols (drones?) that slide sinisterly along the ground, all this happening while the Panzer Dragoon Saga tune “Interception” plays in the background.

Was this ever going to be an official part of the series? Who knows? Apparently there was a Dreamcast Panzer Dragoon in the planning stages, so it’s possible that the developers could have progressed far enough to create this. Panzer Dragoon Orta uses a completely different art style, so we can rule out the two games being one and the same, unless this was very early footage of the game. I personally think that it was simply something an inspired fan made for fun, but I’ll leave you to form your own interpretation.” - Solo

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