Wings of Gold

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A longer Panzer Dragoon Saga music video, using the song 'Dreamtime' by Yes.

“This music video is basically the product of a bunch of daydreaming and a spring break with nuttin’ to do. The song Dreamtime by Yes has been one of my favorites for a long time, and I’ve always thought it would go well with the climactic scene of a movie (especially the instrumental bit right after the vocals end). Since I lack the equipment and talent to actually create any sort of movie of my own, I did the next best thing. I spliced together a bunch of other peoples’ (namely, Team Andromeda’s) movies.

I basically made up the whole thing as I went along. There was very little planning involved. I made the part coinciding with the climactic part of the song (right after the vocals end) first, as sort of a test. After that, I just slowly worked my way through the whole song over the course of the week. There are some parts of the video that I’m not entirely satisfied with, but it’s so damn big at this point that it’s a major chore just to open it up in movie maker, much less edit it, so it ain’t gonna change. I think overall it’s kinda good, and there are some parts that are pretty nifty. I hope you like it.

Sorry for the filesize by the way. It’s kind of a long song.” - Windrider

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