Dangerous Friendships

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The pop song 'See It in a Boys Eyes' by Jamelia is used for this Panzer Dragoon Saga music video.

“When I first heard ‘See It in a Boys Eyes’ by Jamelia, I thought that it was perfect for a video dedicated to the relationship between Azel and Edge, because one minute they are at each others throats, and the next they are side by side and yet they knew they had to stick together in order to destroy the Tower.

I must have been early 2004 in which I had got so incredibly sick of my computer, I just had to get a new one. It was a nice extra that Windows Movie Maker had been pre-loaded onto it. When I discovered the Videos section of The Will of the Ancients, the seed had been planted in my head. So I got editing…

…And these are the fruit of my labours.” - Matt

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