A Thousand Words

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A Panzer Dragoon Saga music video, (blasphemously) based on the song 'A Thousand Words' from Final Fantasy X.

“It wasn’t too long ago when my friend and I were (again) debating about which are the greatest RPGs of our time. Not surprisingly, my friend soon had to defend the Final Fantasy series from my Panzer fanaticism. That was when he let me listen to the song “A Thousand Words”, featured in Final Fantasy X, to show the “amount of production quality that goes into the Final Fantasy games”. I said nothing, but made note of the fact that the lyrics of the song would be much more fitting for Panzer Dragoon Saga.

So, after an insufficient bit of self-motivation, threats from fellow movie-makers, cursing at my utterly incapable computer, and accidentally deleting the finished product three times, I finally managed to get this video around to Solo. I hope everyone enjoys the music video as much as I enjoyed making it. No sarcasm intended. No, really. Seriously. Geez. =P” - The Sharp Edge

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