Literature Tagged With Azel

Azel's Journey

This story explains what happens to Azel after the conclusion of Panzer Dragoon Saga in her search for Edge. (discontinued)

How Was Azel Awoken?

How exactly was Azel awoken from her ten thousand year sleep? It's difficult to come to any solid conclusion, but here are several possible answers to the mystery.

Orta's Father Theory

The common belief is that Orta's father was Edge, the main character from Panzer Dragoon Saga. But do we really know this for sure? Azel may have used Craymen's DNA instead, as suggested in this theory.

The Story of Drone F07

A piece of Panzer Dragoon Saga fan fiction. It is based around the story of an Azel prototype who awakes in the underground labs of Uru. (complete)

Uru Records

Official text extracted from Panzer Dragoon Saga.