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Spider-like in appearance, these creatures secrete an energy feeding slime that has the ability to sprout Absorboras. They will feed on all types of power. Alone, they are not a threat, but they do have allies. Bomb Drop


The Enforcer Class ship is a more powerful version of the Gunship. They carry a variety of weapons and usually take care of the Empire’s dirty work. Tracers Ion Blasters Bio-Dart


A subspecies of the species so called Goraias, which can usually be found near the southern regions of the Imperial Meccania district. Though usually dormant in colder climates or in snowy regions, if an enemy is spotted, it is capable of giving...


The Exterminator is a transport ship that can carry hundreds of troops as well as smaller vessels. It is very well defended. Offensively, it carries missiles and powerful cannons. Air Mines Homing Missiles Magnetic Cannon

Eye Wing

Acquired after defeating Atolm. Characterized by the Eye-like designs on its wings. Defense Class This form offers an improved armor class at the cost of speed. If all three gauges are full, it can cast a spell that enhances its armor. ...

Fighter Gigra

When a Gigra feels that it has met a formidable opponent, it assumes this form. It has offensive and defensive capabilities. The Gigra retain this form throughout mating season. Parasites Spears Rain of Spears


Craymen’s Flagship is armed with Tracer Cannons, Sub-Cannons, and Homing Mines. It is designed for air to air combat. Tracers Homing Mine Sub Cannon


A hovercraft armed with maintenance lasers, its purpose was to travel through the enormous underground facilities in Uru.

Floating Mine Mardai

These single-man airships are basically floating bombs. The ships are given minimal fuel, as well as minimal self-defense armaments, for their sole purpose is to sacrifice themselves to destroy enemy airships. They ram into large enemy ships...

Forest of Mutation

An ever-growing forest that expands along the entire length of the river that flows into the West Sea. Blessed with nutrient rich water and a stable climate, the river plays host to a vast variety of creatures and a wonderfully complex ecosystem....

Former Li Vis

The former nation state that used to be situated on the northern border of the Empire was known for its oasis-like lands in the midst of a vast desert. A long established nation of hunters and gatherers, these relatively primitive people were...

Former Meccania Federation

The aggregate state of Meccania was a once proud nation that rivaled the military power of the Empire. Lying just south of the Imperial border, Meccania had learned to use various weapons of the Ancient Age, such as the blitz cannons, but they did...

Former Teed

A nation state that lied on the eastern border of the former Empire. Teed was a religious center for those of the local custom, and their capital was located in the forests north of Meccania, but this nation was annexed by the Empire in Imperial...

Gat-War & Kot-War

Seek and destroy units that operate in trios. These pure-type creatures will surround their target and emit intense fields of electricity. However, attacking the blue units of these trios will trigger a self-defense mechanism that causes those...

Gelata Urchin

This slow moving hunter makes its home in the mountains. It tracks potential meals and fires spines at its prey. Once its prey is dead or immobilized, it feeds. Spines


Information containing the designs for organic weaponry and constructs of the Ancient Age. This genetic information is contained within “cells,” the smallest units that make up matter. All flora and fauna, including humans, have abilities and...


Gigra are subterranean hulks that hibernate until summoned by a Gigralyph. When they combine, they are able to change shape in order to seek food. Parasites Cave-In


Gigralyphs are intelligent creatures that can combine with their kin, the Gigra. Once combined, the Gigralyph can control the physical properties of its hulking cousin. Alone and unprovoked, Gigralyphs are peaceful.

Glacial Plains

A region of permafrost that dominates the northernmost lands of the Continent. According to excavation researchers, the area rapidly froze over around the same time when the Ancient Age came to an end. How the two events are connected is yet to be...


The key to the dragon’s superior mobility and maneuverability, the glide maneuver gives the dragon formidable speed in avoiding danger or swooping in for the kill. One of the dragon’s combat advantages lies in its mobility. No other weapon,...

Glide Dragon

Glide Dragons are mass- produced by the Towers whenever the Towers’ artificial ecosystems become imbalanced. Once summoned, they will attack anything until they are destroyed. Bio Plasma Bio Energy


A plant-like creature that has the ability to blend in with its surroundings, by matching the colors of its environment. It is capable of paralyzing prey and predators by shooting blobs of toxic chemicals at its target. It gains nutrients through...

Golia Hunter

Golia Hunters are predators of the forest. For an ancient battle, the Golia were created. In time, it appears that the Golia have adapted to hunt in forests. They were created to hunt, but they do not eat. Light Wave Bio Plasma

Golia Tracker

Golia Trackers are similar to Golia Hunters, but instead of bounding through the forests, they fly above the trees, and search for victims. Light Wave Bio Plasma

Grig Orig

The Grig Orig is the Emperor’s Flagship. It is armed with anti-air batteries, and can destroy a village with a single blast of its cannon. Its name, translated, means IRON FIST. Tracers Rotating Battery