Panzer Dragoon Orta Sub Scenario Mission 2: The Fury of Mobo

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Opening Text


When Mobo awoke, he was lying in a field, half covered in snow.

“Where… am I? Where’s Hamah-hamah?! There you are…”

Hamah-hamah was Mobo’s mount, and life-long friend. The tamed Baldor was now a short distance from Mobo, its tattered body quivering in the snow of the icy fields. Mobo reached out a hand to comfort the ailing beast. “Poor thing, look what they did to you…”

As Mobo gently pet Hamah-hamah’s wounded flesh, it let out a giant cry, sounding almost like a scream, as if to let Mobo know that it was okay. Hearing the desperate cries of the Baldor, a lone Imperial soldier appeared from around a boulder and began running in the distance, fearing for his life.

“Come back here!!!”

Mobo caught the soldier, and questioned him for details. The soldier readily explained that the Empire was chasing after a dragon, and the little girl who rides it.

Unable to contain his anger, Mobo released his fury in one solid punch to the soldier’s jaw. Pulling himself together, Mobo raced to Hamah-hamah’s side, mounted the beast, and took to the skies.

During Gameplay

I can’t let them make it back to their mothership!

{Then either:} Could it be…?! Orta! It’s Orta!!


Damn! I lost it!

Ending Text

“Orta, you’re alive!!!”

Mobo was filled with an immense joy. His friend had survived.

“Don’t worry, Orta! I’m coming! And I’m bringing the whole damn den with me!”

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