Panzer Dragoon Orta Sub Scenario Episode 1: Death of My Father

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Epeisodion Proto: Entrance Exam

Land your pod on the target.


Opening Text

Iva: The Empire is wrong!

Father: Silence, boy.

Iva: You’re no better than the rest of them! You’re a murderer! A murderer!!!

~ My father did research for the Imperial Academy. He was going to a Seeker city that night to find some important materials or something. He claimed it was for his research.

Father: Get out of the way, Iva.

Iva: No, wait! Father! I don’t know what kind of weapons you guys are making, but they’re just for killing people, right?!

Father: Be sure to take your medicine before going to bed, son.

Iva: I don’t give a damn about my medicine! Listen to me! Why don’t you ever listen to me?! All you ever think about is work!!! If you leave now,

Iva: I don’t ever want you to come back!

That night, my father was killed in battle.

The entire fleet that went to investigate the seeker city was killed by a bio-engineered creature of some sort.

So, my father went to kill everyone, but got killed instead. How ironic.

And that’s how I became an orphan.

But, I’m not sad. I’m not lonely. I’ll be fine on my own.

A coworker of my father’s… some guy from the Academy… gave me this amulet. He said it was a keepsake from my father.

Funny… I never would’ve expected my father to leave me something like this. It wasn’t like him.

I had to make a decision. I had to choose what I was going to do with myself, now that my father was gone. I could either enter Imperial military school and join the army someday, or I could just simply leave the Empire. But, I knew that I wouldn’t have lasted a day out in the desert, alone, if I left the Empire.

Instructor: We will now begin the Entrance exam. Your objective is to pilot your hoverpod and land on the designated target.

Be sure to follow the arrows and be sure to heed this advice.

Instructor: To maintain your altitude, hold down the “rise” button! Just look in the direction that you want to go in! If you look in the proper direction, it will be easier to find the right way to go!

Instructor: We wish you all the best of luck!

During Gameplay

Instructor: You must pilot your pod to the landing area!

Instructor: Press and hold the A button or pull and hold both triggers to ascend! Release to descend.

Instructor: Be sure to point your crosshairs in the direction you want to move in!

I hope I can make it through…

Gently… Gently…

Instructor: Well then, try landing on the portrait of the Emperor!

{Then either:}

Instructor: Well done! You’ve come quite far, boy! You have passed.


Instructor: Well done! You’ve passed this part of the test!


Instructor: Dammit! You’re going too fast!

Failure Text

~ What did the instructor say again?

Instructor: To maintain your altitude, hold down the “rise” button.

You need to point your crosshairs in the direction that you want to move in!

And be sure to watch the arrow! It’ll show you where to go!

~ I was banished from the Empire. All I was allowed to bring with me was a limited supply of food, and a crude weapon to protect myself…

But, I had to survive. I had to keep walking. Out of the Empire. And into the world of the unknown.

However… On the 50th day after I left the Empire, my life came to an end. Not because of bandits or bio-engineered creatures. My body just refused to let me carry on.



{The following lines of dialogue exist in the game code for this episode, but they do not seem to be used in the finished game:}

Wait… am I supposed to fly to the top right, middle bottom, and then top left?



Instructor: No good. You landed too far away from the target. Do it again.

Instructor: Hrmph, you failed. You are dismissed.

Instructor: Screw up your landing, you’ll break your pod! And trust me, you don’t want that to happen!

Instructor: You can figure out the rest for yourselves!