Panzer Dragoon Orta Main Game Episode 2: Altered Genos

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Where did he go?

Main Route: First Area

Mobo: Alright! I found a big one!

Don’t let this one get away!!!

Mobo: Now! Now! Get in front of it!


Mobo: Uh oh! It doesn’t look happy!

Sub-Boss: Yondo-Worms

Aaahh!!! Run away! Run away!!


Mobo: Damnit! Just sit still so…

the Mighty Mobo can take you home to eat!

Hm? Haven’t seen you ‘round here before.

Well, give us a hand, will ya?!

Boss: Ikrakav

Just do as I say and you’ll be fine!!

{Then when you’re not behind the boss:}

Speed up or slow down to get around to where its tail is!

{Then when you get behind the boss:}

Aim for the big white flower! It’s in that cage-like thing on top!

{Then when you shoot the boss’ weak point:}

Good! It’s working!

{Then every so often:}

You need to shoot those giant fruits before they explode!


Nice job!

Hey! Wait a second…! A dragonmare!!

Damn you Imperial!! You almost had me fooled!

Cut-Scene (Episode 2 Event 1)

Resuscitation program initiated…


Resuscitation program initiated…


It is too late for my ancient masters. Resuscitation is 100% impossible.

My mission has failed…

I am alone…

Primary objective aborted. I must fulfill my mission… I must find a way…


Drones… The soulless tools of the Ancients, created with but one purpose: war.

And yet, Orta felt drawn to this Drone.

There was something deep within Abadd’s eyes that spoke to her soul. She had tried to follow him, but to no avail.


{The following lines of dialogue exist in the game code for this episode, but they do not seem to be used in the finished game. Presumably they were going to appear during the battle with the Ikrakav:}

Shoot the white flowers in the cage! You won’t do any damage shooting anywhere else!