The Borderlands

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A barren wasteland stretching throughout the northern and western regions of the Continent. Most of the region is devastated by constant severe weather conditions, thus preventing the Empire from completely expanding throughout the area.

The very few pockets of inhabitable land have all been claimed by the Empire, but expansion has already reached its limits. However, there are a few brave souls that traverse the wastelands via caravan to peddle their goods to the various peoples who are actually indigenous to the area.

There are still a handful of human tribes that keep an ever so low profile to avoid notice by the Empire. They cling to their precious resources and whatever sources of unpolluted water they can find.

Despite the Empire’s desire to completely take over the land and assimilate these human tribes, the nobility of the Empire has taken a fancy to the unique cultures of the region. The sense of art, music, dance, and even the taste of their food and drink has been proclaimed “exotic” by the upper class and it has become the new fad to collect various paraphernalia of those cultures.