Sea of Ash

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A desolate region that extends through the area formerly known as Li Vas, the Sea of Ash can be found in the northwestern region of the Continent. It is believed that the region was once populated by a great city of the Ancient Age.

But now, the only remains of this once proud metropolis are a few barren ruins and a fine white powder that drifts in the strong winds. Also of note is the area within the Sea of Ash known only as the “Epicenter.”

It is believed that the forces that destroyed the ancient city were centered on this particular area, for all that is left is a gaping scar in the land. While the opposite side of this vast crater is just barely visible through the dust-laden air, the bottom of the hole has never been seen. Few humans set foot in this region due to the vast numbers of pure-type bio-engineered creatures.

The presence of these creatures further enforces the theory that this indeed used to be a city of the Ancient Age.

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