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The ability to evolve to adapt to environmental factors within a single generation, without the need for natural selection across multiple generations. While all “engineered monsters” can adapt to advances in military technology, battle strategies and their environments, the dragon units display an entirely different level of speed and flexibility in their adaptive abilities.

The infinite potential contained in each dragon is one of the factors that makes them the ultimate in organic weaponry. While the exact mechanism for self-evolution has been long lost in the mists of history, it is thought that the dragons have the ability to constantly rewrite their own evolutionary programs through battle experience and the collection of genetic material.

Despite the enormous power and potential hidden in the self-evolution ability, it also belies the dragons’ destiny as creatures designed without the ability to reproduce, but instead to adapt themselves to fulfill missions over thousands of years.

In the words of poet-scholar Dedro Gale, “Like so many other forgotten children of the ancients, dragons, too, are but lonely captives in the dark prison of time.”