Dragon Unit

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The word “dragon,” in the language of this world, indicates a singular being who rules over the world with absolute power. The appellation of “dragon unit,” given to the living weapons of mass destruction, is derived from the fear and respect elicited by the ancient world.

The existence of only a very small number of dragon units have been confirmed throughout history, but without exception, the records tell of their tremendous destructive power and tenacity, giving us glimpses of the enormous scale of the Ancient Age.

For people throughout history, the name “dragon” is synonymous with “god,” worthy of the terror and adulation afforded only to absolute forces, with the power to change the motion of worlds. A decade ago, in the time of the Great Fall, there was a great battle between dragons in the outlands.

It is said that the dragons rocked the heavens and earth with the raw power of their struggle. Also, only one of each type of dragon unit has ever existed. Like some pure breeds, they do not have the ability to reproduce. Also, some theorize that the dragon units are prototypes designed around a specific mission, or a specific rider.