Tower Report 2 (Uru Tower Records)

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Record by ‘Compiler’ Feltman The following is the summary of the data recorded on the Information Unit found near Uru. The contents include the construction of the Tower located north of Uru.


If anyone is determined to reach this Tower, it will be a very difficult journey. I wish for this record to be a helpful guide.

Courses Inside the Tower


Inside the Tower, there are five separate sections. To move between each section, one must pass through the outer areas, consisting of fifteen floors. Here are the routes inside the Tower.


From upper floors to outer 13F ->
from 13F to 12F via elevator ->
from 12F to upper hangar
From upper hangar to outer 11F
From 11F to 9F via elevator ->
From 9F to middle floors


From middle floors to outer 8F ->
From 8F to 6F via elevator ->
From 6F to lower hangar
From lower hangar to outer 5F ->
From 5F to 4F via elevator ->
From 4F to bottom floors

Rotating Unit at Middle Floors


In the middle floors, there exists a rotating unit that changes the form of the outer area. If it is activated, the connection between outer 8F and 9F will be changed. Should one wish to move from 9F to 8F or 8F to 6F, this is necessary.

How to Stop Power Device


Inside the Tower, there are 6 power systems called Rotor Piles. If they are activated, movement within the level will be difficult, but the Rotors can be deactivated at the outer controllers. Locations of the controllers:


’ #1 - outer 15F east
‘ #2 - outer 14F west
‘ #3 - outer 7F west
‘ #4 - outer 4F east
‘ #5 - outer 3F west
‘ #6 - outer 3F north
(Enter only from lower floor)

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