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Abadd's Mare

A dragonmare, driven by the drone Abadd. Rumor has it that this very dragon may be the dragonmare that went mysteriously missing from the Imperial Research Institution. Its body is covered in a white protective shell, assumingly added by Abadd...


Absorbora begin as bulbs that sprout out of an Energ’s Web. They’re a combination of plant and animal. They cannot feed, and redirect all energy that they encounter. It is believed that their life span is short. Discharge


Absorborac are Absorbora at an advanced stage. They have displayed intelligence patterns, and will attack all intruders with a type of plasma bomb. Discharge Explosion

"After Sestren Function Stop"

This text comes from page 145 of one of the unofficial Azel: Panzer Dragoon RPG guide books (the one with the map on the cover). It explains what happens to Sestren after Panzer Dragoon Saga. Translation Due to Edge’s actions, Sestren was...

Airship Kartha

Imperial airships designed for the purpose of anti-airship interception. One notable feature is that these units have long flag-like objects trailing behind them. These flags are in fact used as visual signals to communicate with other units. ...

Airship Kartha Prototype

Experimental airships with engines based on Ancient technologies and genetic manipulation. The technologies used in these experimental vehicles was created during the development of the dragonmares. However, the only improvements that this upgrade...

Airship Vahra

A patrol unit used primarily in the defense of the Capital and underground excavation sites, it is equipped with the most recent technological advances. Combining hardened, yet light armor with a more compact engine design, this unit has...

Ancient Age

A highly advanced civilization that once ruled this world. The “Ancients,” or citizens of the Ancient Age, prospered throughout the land, but suddenly, their civilization came to an abrupt end, approximately 10,000 years ago. Records of the...


Armed with a rotating cannon affectionately called the Reaper, the Annihilator is a formidable foe. It also carries chemical weaponry to defend itself from organic attackers. Reaper Plague Rockets

Anti-Aircraft Missiles

The shells fired by the anti-airship cannons of the Seekers. The Seekers put extra explosives around each shell in order to increase the damage capabilities of each missile.


Created by Sestren, this dragon has the same appearance and attacks as the dragon’s Basic Form. Laser


Created by Sestren, this dragon has the same appearance and attacks as the dragon’s Eye Form. It’s offense consists of powerful magic spells. Armageddon Blade Storm Plasma Swarm Berserker Rage


Created by Sestren, this dragon has the same appearance and attacks as the dragon’s Panzer Form. The fastest of the evil dragons, it attacks relentlessly. Laser Blade Storm


Created by Sestren, this dragon has the same appearance and attacks as the dragon’s Stripe Form. It fights primarily with lasers. Laser


Created by Sestren, this dragon has the same appearance and attacks as the dragon’s Valiant Form. It relies mostly on a strong defense. Laser

Anu Orta Veniya Lyrics

Original Lyrics: “Anu Orta Veniya” Anu Orta Veniya Serere Krythe Praiar Sol Torrere Solum Anu Pluvia Ire Serere Krythe Praiar Nebula Torrere Laimos Texere Linum Alere Amnos Intar Skene Kato Uva In Amatus Ede Evanescere In Adein Ie...


The most dangerous creature in the valleys. It is heavily armored, and easily angered. It fights with barbed tentacles and digestive slime. This brute’s only weakness is its lack of intelligence. Notes Digestive Fluid Tentacles ...


Arangata were released by the Towers to form a tight defense in strategic areas. As long as their “roots” are intact, they are indestructible. Tornado Counterattack

Arm Wing

Acquired after defeating the Infested Grig Orig. The dragon’s body has taken on a slightly more human appearance. Defense Class This form offers an improved armor class at the cost of speed. If all three gauges are full, it can cast a spell...

Artificial Sun

A mobile unit equipped with an extremely intense light generating machine, this “miniature sun” is used to light the deeper areas of excavation sites. Although not quite as bright as actual sunlight, this machine has a nearly limitless supply of...

Assault Carrier Vermana

A newly developed transport ship that acts as the center of the dragonmare squadron. It is equipped with the latest in defense technologies, and is manned by the top pilots and engineers from the Academy. Aside from the dragonmares that...

Assault Hovership Taishak

Leading battleships of the Imperial Armored Fleet. Six interceptors are mounted in each one’s rear hatch. Following the combat strategies of the Southerners, the Empire has adopted the philosophy of “superiority in numbers.” Each Taishak is...


A biological structure, this building-like creature selectively filters out intruders. In fact, this structure is a fixed part of the ruins themselves. Capable of launching explosive projectiles, it is capable of destroying most intruders...

Atolm, Ancient

Atolm has found the ancient weapon he used in the past. It is a weightless mass of laser cannons, capable of destroying an entire region with a single blast. Laser Prism Trap Status Clear

Atolm Dragon

Atolm is a Guardian of the Ancient Age. His appearance strikes fear into the hearts of the most hardened warriors. At this point, he does not seem to have fully recovered from his long slumber. Laser Warp Berserker Rage