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Panzer Dragoon Saga Guide Translations


Published by Draikin in Contributions

For its release in Japan, Panzer Dragoon Saga had been accompanied by a total of three different guide books. However, none of those made it to the Western market and the details they contained about the game’s storyline were never translated. Fifteen years after the release of the game, this is finally going to change. The Will of the Ancients has commissioned GlitterBerri to work on the translation of certain pages from the guidebooks. These contain detailed information about the events before and during Panzer Dragoon Saga which the Western fans never had access to. As you can read on her website, GlitterBerri has been responsible for numerous unofficial translations of game-related content, making her the ideal person for the job.

Today we can show you the first results of this joint project. These are the English translations for six pages from the “Azel: Panzer Dragoon RPG guide book”, and they can be found here:

Ever wondered about the origin of the iconic dragon of the Panzer Dragoon games? Or what happened between the two rivaling factions of the Ancient Age? You’ll finally find the answers to those and many other questions in these translations. Along with clarifying the events in the game, they also show just how much effort Team Andromeda put into creating the amazing world of the Panzer Dragoon games. We at The Will of the Ancients hope the Panzer Dragoon fans will enjoy reading all this new information as much as we did.

New Transformed Interview and Concept Art


Published by Solo Wing in News

Segabits has posted a video interview with Joe Neate, Producer for Sonic & All Stars Racing Transformed.

It’s over fifteen minutes long, but if you’re looking for the highlight, look no further than the following quote where he discusses the Panzer Dragoon track:

Its got boating, flying, and driving, but its got flying dragons in it, so you fly with dragons. Its got this massive kinda spaceship, the Shelcoof ship, that fires a laser and causes this big ass tidal wave. If you just play that level and know nothing about Panzer Dragoon, you’re like “whoa this has got giant dragons in it, and its got these worms that smash the track, and there’s this big ship that causes massive waves.” So you just remember cool stuff.

It’s great to hear that the Panzer Dragoon elements won’t just be static models on this side, but will interact with the track itself (and perhaps affect the gameplay).

Also, the French gaming website French gaming site, Console Toi, has added some concept art and screenshots of the game. I’ve added the Panzer Dragoon related images to The Will of the Ancients. In particular, I recommend that you take a look at the three stunning pieces of concept art of the Panzer Dragoon track:

Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed Concept Art 01 Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed Concept Art 02 Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed Concept Art 03

The screenshots are also worth checking out if you haven’t already seen them.

Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed


Published by Solo Wing in News

Sega has announced a sequel to Sonic & Sega All-Stars Racing which will launch on multiple platforms later in the year. Named Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed, the great thing about this game is that it will include a whole level based around the Panzer Dragoon series.

Going by the video preview, it appears to a canyon level, loosely based on the intro of the original game. Throughout the level we can see Shelcoof hovering overhead (00:52), a number of definitive ruins of the Ancients (00:59), and the Blue Dragon flapping his wings on the side (02:26). We also see the building featured near the end of Panzer Dragoon episode 1 (02:50).

In the preview, Gareth Wilson, Design Director said:

It’s important to us that we keep the classic music that was with the original game but we’ve remixed it this time with Richard Jacques.

Listen closely and you can hear the Panzer Dragoon episode 1 music in the background. He also added:

For each of the tracks in the game we try to make it so it’s as you remember the game as opposed to actually how it is. So what we have to do is take the essence of, say, Panzer Dragoon, so we reimagine what the Blue Dragon would be like if Panzer Dragoon came out today. So we take a very basic, low poly model and then we work very closely with the people who originally worked on Panzer Dragoon all those years ago and we rebuild all the assets from scratch so that it looks like a triple-A racing game.

Shelcoof and the Blue Dragon certainly look how I’d imagine them to if the Panzer Dragoon games had been released on the current generation of consoles.

Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed is expected to be released on Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, PlayStation Vita, Nintendo 3DS, and PC Digital Download late in 2012. More info is available on the Sega blog.

Donation Method Change


Published by Solo Wing in News

Due to legal and regulatory constraints, I’ve removed the site’s PayPal Donate button mentioned in the last update. However, if you want to help out with paying the hosting bill, you can still do so by using PayPal’s “Send Money” feature. I’ve added instructions on how to do this which can be found on the How to Contribute page.

There’s also a couple of links of interest that I posted earlier on Facebook and Twitter. MattInc has created a remix that combines elements from NiGHTS into Dreams and Panzer Dragoon called Panzer Nightopia. Nuckles87 from SEGAbits has also posted a preview of Crimson Dragon.

Donate to Support The Will of the Ancients


Published by Solo Wing in News

I’ve set up a PayPal Donate button (the orange button to the left) where you can now make a donation towards keeping The Will of the Ancients online.

I enjoy running this site and helping to keep the Panzer Dragoon spirit alive by maintaining it. It’s a personal tribute (one that I hope others find useful too), but for that reason I’ve never felt compelled to ask anything for the work put into the site directly. However, I do require an external source of funding in order to generate enough money for the yearly hosting fee (currently US$102 per year). For most of the time that The Will of the Ancients has been running, I’ve paid to have it hosted out of my own pocket.

So, if you find The Will of the Ancients useful and would like to contribute towards keeping it online, please consider making a donation. Donations will go towards this year’s hosting fee. If we reach US$102, I’ll put any surplus towards next year’s fee. You are welcome to donate however much you like. I suggest that you donate with the amount of value you think this site has offered you in mind, but if you’re looking for a number range, then I suggest US$5-10.

If you don’t want to contribute money, its worth considering some of the other ways that you can contribute; these would also be greatly appreciated.

Panzer Dragoon Miniatures


Published by Solo Wing in Contributions

I’ve added some photos of miniatures created by Kazutake to The Will of the Ancients. These photos have been online for some time now, but finding them was difficult for English speaking Panzer Dragoon fans who had to navigate their way through Kazutake’s Japanese site. The miniatures are as follows:

Arm Wing Miniature (1 of 4) Base Wing Miniature (1 of 4) Blue Dragon Miniature (1 of 4) Dragon Pup Miniature (1 of 3) Glide Dragon Miniatures (1 of 2) Golia Hunter Miniature (1 of 3) Golia Miniature (1 of 4) Panzer Wing Miniature (1 of 4) Shelcoof Miniature (10 of 12)  Skydart Miniature (1 of 4)

You can find all of the photos linked from Kazutake’s dragoon profile, including photos of multiple angles of each of the miniatures. The construction process photos of the Shelcoof miniature are especially interesting.

The Will of the Ancients 4 and New Encyclopaedia


Published by Solo Wing in News

There seems to be something about the number four and the Panzer Dragoon series. Not only are there four games in the main series, but each game title (with the exception of the original) contains a word with four letters (Zwei, Mini, Saga, Orta), and many of the characters have four letter names (Edge, Azel, Gash, Paet, Kyle, Mobo… I could go on). So its only fitting that we’re launching the fourth version of The Will of the Ancients today.

Back in March 2009 I stated that I had no plans to make any major changes to this site. Well, I have since completely changed my mind. The Will of the Ancients has a lot of potential to grow as a Panzer Dragoon and Crimson Dragon resource, but to do this efficiently I needed to create a database-driven backend for the site. This basically required a revamp of the entire site. So, after almost two years of development, content creation, and pedantic discussions about whether to spell Ancients with capital A, I’m glad to finally launch the new version of The Will of the Ancients.

With this new version comes numerous changes. It is the completion of the merger with Panzer Dragoon Legacy that we announced back in October 2010. Not only have the Cameos articles from Panzer Dragoon Legacy been added to this site, but we’ve used the remaining articles as the starting point for a new resource on The Will of the Ancients. Combined with the former Factions, Characters, Products, Tracklists, and Game Info sections, we’ve revised and reorganised all of this content to form a new peer-reviewed encyclopaedia. Not only does the encyclopaedia contain entries based on the old content, but we now have entries for every character and faction present in the Panzer Dragoon game series.

It has long been my desire to create a Panzer Dragoon encyclopaedia. Although we considered a wiki, making the encyclopaedia peer-reviewed will give us more quality control and should result in fewer errors. The text is released under the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, so you’re welcome to use it or fork the project (more info here), however we’d also really appreciate new contributions or constructive criticism of the existing entries.

For this update, we’ve also proofread and revised all of the content on The Will of the Ancients, including adding captions to all of the illustrated images within the articles and reorganising much of the content. One change that I think people will find useful is the split of more speculative articles from the Theories category into a new Speculation category.

There are also five new articles from Geoffrey:

I’ve also completely rewritten two of my older theories, which were badly in need of updating. They were written before Panzer Dragoon Orta was released, so the new versions have been updated in line with new evidence from that game.

A huge thank you to Draikin and Geoffrey for their hard work proofreading and writing content for the site (especially the encyclopaedia). And once again, thanks to everyone who has contributed to the site so far (particularly Lance Way, whose content formed the starting point for many of the encyclopaedia entries). The Will of the Ancients has been built up from the cooperative effort of fans; it couldn’t have reached its current state without fellow dragoons working together towards a common goal.

RIP Moebius 1938-2012


Published by Solo Wing in News

The French comic artist Jean Giraud, also known as Moebius, has passed away at age 73. Moebius was an inspiration for the Panzer Dragoon series, with members of Team Andromeda being big fans of his work. Sega commissioned Moebius to create some illustrative art for the original Panzer Dragoon game, which ended up being used for the front and back covers of the Japanese game case.

Besides his involvement with Panzer Dragoon, Moebius’ work included Arzach, a comic that shared many themes with the Panzer Dragoon series. Lance Way wrote an article about Azarch for The Will of the Ancients’ Parallels section, comparing the Azarch stories to Panzer Dragoon.

A Change of Focus


Published by Solo Wing in News

Following the latest news about Crimson Dragon, I have decided to cover the game on The Will of the Ancients alongside the Panzer Dragoon series.

Some of you may be displeased by the news, fearing that Crimson Dragon is too different from Panzer Dragoon or that The Will of the Ancients will become too diluted with non-Panzer content. And some of you simply don’t like the look of the game. I want to address these concerns here.

Firstly, Crimson Dragon is a different franchise, but it also has many things in common with the Panzer Dragoon series. It is a rail shooter from the creators of original Saturn trilogy. It features dragons, and lock on system similar to the Panzer Dragoon shooters. There are clear differences too, but in many ways this is Panzer Dragoon in spirit. In that sense, it belongs on The Will of the Ancients.

Secondly, is the concern that The Will of the Ancients will lose what made it distinct in the first place: a resource covering Panzer Dragoon and only Panzer Dragoon. There is the risk of a slippery slope where more and more games are covered and it turns into a general gaming site. But I don’t think that needs to happen, nor will it happen. For example, while Jet Set Radio and Panzer Dragoon Orta were both developed by Smilebit, Jet Set Radio does not fit in with the themes of this site. So, we won’t cover it.

Thirdly, not all Panzer Dragoon fans are excited about Crimson Dragon. Some of you don’t like the different art style, and others simply don’t like Kinect. And that’s fine. When we add Crimson Dragon content to the website, you will be free to ignore it. I’m also in the early stages of creating a system where people browsing the website will be able to filter out content based the different fictional universes.

This decision didn’t come lightly. Only after weighing the pros and cons and discussing it with Geoffrey and Draikin, did I decide to cover Crimson Dragon on The Will of the Ancients rather than making a separate site. We considered setting up a separate domain for Crimson Dragon (and possible follow up games), but we felt that this would dilute our already small community. For that reason, I’ve set up a new Crimson Dragon forum as part of The Will of the Ancients’ community so that existing forum members can easily discuss Crimson Dragon without creating a separate account.

The Will of the Ancients began as a Panzer Dragoon website, and we’ll continue to improve and add to the Panzer Dragoon content here. But given the lack of new Panzer Dragoon games, I believe this change will enrich The Will of the Ancients and the Panzer Dragoon community.

Crimson Dragon


Published by Draikin in News

Andriasang has released a new article with more details about Crimson Dragon (formerly known as Project Draco). The (Kinect-only) game is widely regarded as a spiritual successor to the Panzer Dragoon railshooters, and it’s easy to see why. Despite not using the Panzer Dragoon license, everything from the mechanics, soundtrack to the art design resembles the Panzer Dragoon railshooters. It was also revealed that the game is being co-developed by Grounding Inc. and Land Ho! (responsible for the conversion of Panzer Dragoon to the PS2). This means that some of the big names behind Team Andromeda have now been reunited to work on Crimson Dragon (the names of Yukio Futatsugi, Manabu Kusunoki, Tomohiro Kondo and Saori Kobayashi in particular might sound familiar to Panzer Dragoon fans). Andriasang also posted some (impressive) new screenshots and a video of the demo presentation can be found at Nicozon.

But there’s also other news. Forum member SkyRider informed us he worked on a short film that is loosely inspired by his admiration for the Panzer Dragoon series. Be sure to check out the trailer!

You can also read more about how Panzer Dragoon influenced the movie in this forum thread.

Finally, our Panzer Dragoon Revival project now has a Dutch version as well, and support for more languages will be added in the near future. If you’re interested in helping to translate the website, please let us know by using the contact form on the website. Thanks to all the people who signed the petition so far!

Panzer Dragoon Revival


Published by Draikin in News

It’s no secret that the Panzer Dragoon games never reached a wide audience. Panzer Dragoon Zwei and Saga were Saturn exclusives, and Orta was only released on the original Xbox. Even with the arrival of Xbox Live Arcade and the PlayStation Network, there’s no indication Sega is going to release HD versions of any of the Panzer Dragoon games. In an effort to convince Sega to remaster the games and make them available to a new generation of gamers, we’ve created a new website where the Panzer Dragoon fans can make their voices heard. You can visit it by following this link:

Panzer Dragoon Revival

Named “Panzer Dragoon Revival”, the website allows people to sign a petition and tell Sega why they want to see remastered versions of the original Panzer Dragoon games. I really hope that the people that have fond memories of playing the Panzer Dragoon games, or those that would like to play them but never got the chance to do so, will take the time to sign the petition. The goal is to send the complete list of signatures to Sega on the 10th anniversary of Panzer Dragoon Orta later this year and/or the 15th anniversary of Panzer Dragoon Saga next year. Meanwhile, we will work on adding more features to the website based on your feedback. Any news updates for the website will be posted here, or on the TWOTA Twitter and Facebook community.

But aside from this announcement, there’s also other news. Tom from 2DForever has allowed us to add this impressive artwork of Azel and Atolm’s battle against Edge and his dragon to the fanart section:

Ne Rai

The website SegaBits also posted a new article where they look back at the release of Panzer Dragoon Orta, which can read here. In other news, and also relevant to the new Panzer Dragoon Revival petition, GamesRadar listed Panzer Dragoon Saga in their 10 hard-to-find classics that deserve a second chance. Finally, Andriasang reports that Yukio Futatsugi’s Project Draco will be playable at an event at Akihabara on February 26.

To conclude this news post, we hope the Panzer Dragoon fans will support the Panzer Dragoon Revival initiative, and be sure to look forward to more updates from The Will of the Ancients and Panzer Dragoon Revival throughout the year!

Farewell 2011


Published by Solo Wing in Contributions

For this update, we have two new pieces of fan art from Atolm. The first is a picture of the wounded Sky Rider which I’ve called “The Sky Rider Bleeds”. The image shows the dying dragon rider releasing blood, a much more human way of dying than the green particles that float away from him in the actual game. Secondly, Atolm has submitted a new picture of Lagi showing his first and final form in Panzer Dragoon Zwei, the pup and Solo Wing Normal Class respectively.

The Sky Rider Bleeds Lagi: Pup and Adult

This update will most likely be the last update of the year for The Will of the Ancients. While 2011 has been slow on the Panzer front, we have received many new details about Futatsugi’s latest project, Project Draco. 2012 will bring more details about the game when it is released on Xbox Live Arcade. When it comes to Panzer Dragoon, we have a big update planned for this website that we’re in the process of finalising.

Have a great new year’s celebration and don’t let anyone talk you into sculling an illuminating drink.

Project Draco at Tokyo Game Show


Published by Solo Wing in News

Tokyo Game Show 2011 has come and gone. If you’ve been following this website on Facebook or Twitter you’ll likely be aware of the latest details surrounding Project Draco, the upcoming Kinect title from Panzer Dragoon creator Yukio Futatsugi. Project Draco is a rail shooter, with RPG elements where you raise your dragon virtual pet style. It has a control scheme similar to Child of Eden. The game is planned for release in 2012 on Xbox Live Arcade and is exclusive to Kinect (no controller support). There will also be a three player online co-op mode over Xbox Live.

Project Draco is more colourful than the bleak, but much loved, world of Panzer Dragoon. It looks stunning. Futatsugi has stressed that it is not a Panzer Dragoon game, going as far to make some comparisons while at the same time pointing out key differences between the games. In a 1up.com article he says:

In the Panzer Dragoon series if you pressed the left or right trigger buttons, you could face anywhere you wanted. We cut that feature specifically because it doesn’t work on Kinect.

It’s good to know that Grounding aren’t going to shoehorn all of Panzer Dragoon’s features into Project Draco, as some are unlikely to work well with the Kinect interface. Furthermore, Futatsugi was asked whether he would want to make Project Draco a Panzer Dragoon game at all:

Not really. I guess because all the things that I wanted to do with Panzer I did already. So I’m not really fixated on that game so much anymore. If for example, I was tasked with a different job of making a Panzer Dragoon sequel, then I probably wouldn’t even do it on Kinect. So that I would enjoy doing on its own, but it’s a different thing.

So he hasn’t ruled out making a new Panzer Dragoon game completely…

More details (including screenshots) of Project Draco can be found in the following articles:

Lots of New Fan Art


Published by Solo Wing in Contributions

This update consists of lots of twenty pieces of art to grace the Fan Art section, as well as a photograph. Firstly, Emma Goodman has contributed a touching picture of Edge petting his faithful steed. You can see more of Emma’s artwork at her website, Neoncola.

Edge Petting His Dragon Panzer Dragoon Saga Bedroom Door Stripe Wing in the Clouds Blue Dragon Coloured Drawing Blue Dragon Sketch

We also have contributions from Peter Gibbins, the founder of the Panzer Dragoon fans Facebook group. He has submitted a photograph of his bedroom door from around eleven years ago, themed around Panzer Dragoon Saga (how cool is that)? Peter has also contributed two coloured pictures, one of the Stripe Wing, the other of the armoured Blue Dragon. There is also a pencil sketch of the Blue Dragon.

Finally, I’ve added all of the Panzer Dragoon fan art from the Japanese fan site, Twilight Primary School, to The Will of the Ancients. You can find all sixteen pictures in the Fan Art section.

New and Updated Articles


Published by Geoffrey in Contributions

Who or what were the Ancients? When keeping in mind how lost their identity was with the passage of time, it’s perhaps better to ask not who they were, but what they were. I made an attempt to gather together the few clues in the form of what we actually know about them that were scattered around, and fit them together like the pieces of a jigsaw puzzle to create a bigger picture in an attempt to answer that very question. This was something I had planned to do for a long time, but never had the chance until now. I hope you enjoy reading this summary of the Ancients’ possible identity as much as I enjoyed writing it.

I’ve been away for too long, so I’m glad to find The Will of the Ancients still alive and kicking, and we’re going to keep it that way. Expect some changes in the near future. I’ve been updating a few articles here and there in order to bring them up to a proper standard including my old Skies of Arcadia article, which really needed it. I felt the need to give what I feel is a spiritual sequel to Panzer Dragoon Saga the justice it deserves.

Unfortunately we cannot hope that Panzer Dragoon has a future in any meaningful way, but perhaps that is for the best; I personally don’t want the future of this series in the hands of someone who doesn’t respect the source material anyway.

Farewell for now fellow travellers.

I Shoot Lasers, Therefore I Am


Published by Solo Wing in Contributions

This year is shaping up to be a great year for fans of 3D rail shooters. Other than Project Draco, the dragon combat game from Grounding Inc (which may or may not be a rail shooter), we also have Child of Eden (the follow up to Rez) and Yars Revenge to look forward to. Both are rail shooters that mirror the gameplay of Panzer Dragoon in many ways.

For this update, Geoffrey has written two new articles. The first discusses the music of the Panzer Dragoon series, and how it has evolved since the original’s orchestral score. He has also written a summary of the Panzer Dragoon OVA, discussing how it compares to the game series.

This update also includes something a little different. I have set up a new Philosophy section, which aims to explore the philosophical themes that have been incorporated into the Panzer storyline. So far there is just one article, a summary of the Mind Body Problem and how it relates to the concept of the Heresy Dragon. I have plans for at least two more articles for this section, and would be very interested in hearing your suggestions for further writing as well.

More Project Draco Information and Screenshots


Published by Solo Wing in News

Kotaku have updated their website with a couple of Project Draco screenshots, provided to them by the Japanese gaming website Famitsu. The screenshots appear to be taken from the trailer (or are very similar).

Also, the Japanese gaming news website Andriasang have reportedly spoken to Yukio Futatsugi regarding the development of Project Draco. The following information is provided on their blog:

Futatsugi, director of Panzer Dragoon and Phantom Dust, is working on the tentatively titled Project Draco to be published by Microsoft in 2011. Draco is a 3D flight shooting game. Players use Kinect to communicate with a dragon, raising it and making it learn skills, with the hopes of deepening your bond with the creature. In the game’s online mode, you can fly through the skies with your friends.

For their work on Kinect, Futatsugi and his staff are taking care to ensure that players can enjoy themselves for lengthy periods without betting tired. They’re paying attention to such things as the length of a single map and the frequency of enemy attacks. Explained Futatsugi, Project Draco is not a party type game where everyone enjoys themselves for brief periods, but is rather the type of game into which players sink their teeth. Because of this, they’re developing the game to keep players from being tired while still delivering a control scheme that delivers a direct feel of movement.

As a sales point for the game, he said, “Don’t you want to be able to actually experience the feeling of communicating with a dragon and riding it into battle? I do.”

Reports so far indicate that some Kinect launch titles suffer from control issues, so it’s a relief to know that Futatsugi and the team are placing a great deal of attention on the way the player interacts with Kinect. It sounds like the team are really focusing on the bond between the dragon and rider this time, and the promise of a game that requires extended play periods suggests that it will be more than a mere rail shooter. As a Panzer Dragoon fan, I await more news with eager anticipation.

Panzer Dragoon Storyline


Published by Draikin in Contributions

Some of you may remember my own Panzer Dragoon website, Panzer Dragoon Legacy, which focused on the latest game in the Panzer Dragoon series, namely Panzer Dragoon Orta. Earlier this year, Solo and I agreed to merge Panzer Dragoon Legacy into The Will of the Ancients. While often delayed, today I can finally announce the first result of that merger: the synopsis of the events of all 4 games in the trilogy that was previously available only on Panzer Dragoon Legacy can now be found here in the new Storyline section.

Atolm has also submitted a great new speed sketch of Lagi in an “Ancient Wing” form, which you can find over in the Fan Art section.

Ancient Wing Agility Class

Project Draco "Not a Panzer Dragoon Game"


Published by Solo Wing in News

Microsoft Game Studios VP Phil Spencer has reported to Joystiq that he wouldn’t call the new Kinect game, Project Draco, a Panzer Dragoon game. Joystiq reports:

“It’s a Kinect game for one thing, which is going to have its own take on it,” Spencer said, referring to the concept of riding a dragon. Spencer added that “there are some differences between – as a Panzer Dragoon fan – the stuff we’ve seen in the Panzer Dragoon series and [Project Draco],” but he didn’t elaborate on those differences. During the Microsoft keynote where the game was announced, Futatsugi explained, “What I wanted to do most is to fly.” So perhaps Draco is more flying and less on-rails shooting?

This might seem obvious given that Microsoft doesn’t own the Panzer Dragoon intellectual property, but it’s interesting learn that the game will stray from the conventional Panzer Dragoon formula too. Lets hope that it contains a decent amount of Panzer flavour that fans have been so eager to experience more of.

We still don’t have a confirmation as to the means of distribution (full Xbox 360 game versus Xbox Live Arcade title), or whether the game will be playable without the Kinect peripheral. I’ll post more news as it comes.

New Dragon Combat Game From Panzer Dragoon Creator!


Published by Solo Wing in News

This is huge news for Panzer Dragoon fans. Yukio Futatsugi, the director of the original Panzer Dragoon and a prominent member of Team Andromeda, unveiled his latest creation at this year’s Tokyo Game Show. Project Draco is a dragon riding combat game that is being developed exclusively for the Xbox 360, designed for Microsoft’s motion-based Kinect peripheral.

You only need to look at this stunning concept art to see the similarities between Project Draco and Panzer Dragoon.

There’s also a trailer, available on 1up.com and also on YouTube.

According to Kotatu.com:

The game is called Project Draco, and has you both flying your dragon in aerial combat, as well as using Kinect’s camera capabilities to “nurture and learn to communicate” with your steed, which in turn will help it fight more ferociously.

While this isn’t a sequel to Panzer Dragoon, Project Draco could well be a worthy spiritual successor to the series, perhaps even preferable to a new Panzer from Sega themselves. We’ll know for sure when the game is released in 2011.



Published by Solo Wing in Contributions

Although fan fiction does not add to the established Panzer Dragoon canon, the possibilities introduced by fan fiction are a welcome addition to the Panzer legendarium. Daniel Petersen has submitted a new piece of fan fiction called Bonds. It is the first chapter in a story based on Lundi’s final moments with Lagi, as well as a continuation based on Lundi’s life after Panzer Dragoon Zwei.

You can find a collection of fan stories set in the Panzer Dragoon universe in the Fan Fiction section.

New Fan Art, Readded Fan Fiction


Published by Solo Wing in Contributions

Atolm has created a new painting of the Solo Wing. As always, the art is of a high standard. You can find the picture over in the Fan Art section.

Solo Wing Speed Paint

I’ve also readded an older fanfic that was previously on this website. Daniel Petersen has resubmitted his story Hardships which takes place directly after Panzer Dragoon Saga.

Want to see Panzer Dragoon Saga rereleased on a new generation console? It probably won’t happen, but nonetheless Ben Evans has set up a Facebook group petitioning for exactly that. If you’d like Panzer Dragoon Saga to be rereleased, it’s fairly easy to join the group and show your support.

Streaming HTML5 Video


Published by Solo Wing in Contributions

I’ve overhauled the Videos section; it now contains streaming videos that can be viewed directly in your web browser. The videos are not displayed using Flash like most sites, but natively using HTML5 and either the H.264 or Theora codec depending on your browser. What this means, unfortunately, is that playback is not supported in Internet Explorer, however if you’re using a modern browser such as Firefox or Chrome you should have no problems. All videos are also downloadable as MP4 files.

New to the Videos section is the (fake) Panzer Dragoon Vier trailer by Jan3d, so be sure to check it out if you haven’t seen the video on YouTube already.

Video Details for "Panzer Dragoon Vier Trailer"

Also for this update, He Who Is The Sky has drawn a sketch of the Adult Dracolyth that he made a miniature of a few updates ago (see Update 155). Some new fan art has been submitted by Surthur and Gamefan84, inspired by the world of Panzer Dragoon:

Peregrine Sprout Cockatrice of the Sky Empire City In the Jungle The Last Dragoon Kari Escadia Elite Special Ops

All of these can images can be found in the Fan Art section.

If you didn’t catch the update on the Microblog, there has been some progress in emulating Panzer Dragoon Orta on the PC. Keep up the good work, Blueshogun!

The Art of Panzer Dragoon is Back


Published by Solo Wing in News

Many thanks for everyone’s patience. The best Panzer Dragoon art site on the web is now back online and can be found at a new URL:


It is now hosted by The Will of the Ancients. This is an older version of the site, however it contains the vast majority of the art from before the site went down. Lagi is currently hunting for his backup that contains the more recent updates; I’ll add these images as soon as they’re available.

I’ve also added four new pieces of fan art from Tyrone Kamran. These would have to be his best drawings yet:

Edge Fighting a Baldor Edge at Camp With the Dragon Edge Badnik Lagi Badnik With Edge

What the Adult Dracolyth Really Looks Like


Published by Solo Wing in Contributions

This update includes a bunch of artwork and photos that I’ve been meaning to add for a while, as well as a new drawing of Azel from Finnish Panzer Dragoon fan, Johannes Rajala.

He Who Is The Sky has created a some sketches and excellent miniatures of his dragon forms, based on those found in the Panzer Dragoon games. Below is a list of what he has contributed this time round:

Guardian D Miniature (1 of 4) Kreigzwilling Miniature (1 of 4) Adult Dracolyth Miniature (1 of 4) Glider, Fledgling, and Pup Pure Type Monster Sketch Skydart and Armorite Windrider and Bridge Wing

As always, a huge thank you to the artists who have contributed to the site. You can find more of He Who Is The Sky’s sketches (often before I have the chance to post them here) over on the forums.