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Thoughts on Crimson Dragon's Delay

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It’s been a few months since Crimson Dragon was delayed, with no new release date revealed. No doubt some of you are feeling a bit anxious about the game’s fate. Has it been delayed so that it can be launched at a time that Microsoft feels is more appropriate? Or cancelled entirely? Let’s hope that the latter possibility is not the case. I think that a complete cancelation is unlikely given how close the game was to completion.

One possibility is that the game has been delayed so that it can be released as a launch title for the next Xbox and Kinect 2. A leaked document suggests that the new Xbox will launch bundled with the a new iteration of Kinect in 2013. It is rumoured that the new Kinect will allow players to play while sitting down which could be beneficial to gamers playing for long periods of time. I know I’ve plugged multiple consecutive hours in the Panzer Dragoon games. Also, if Kinect 2 offers better response time, this would likely improve the shooter gameplay of Crimson Dragon.

Another possibility is that Crimson Dragon will also be released on Windows 8 PCs and Microsoft delayed the game so that Grounding could work on a Windows version for a simultaneous 360/PC release. Xbox Live’s Major Nelson recently revealed a list of games that were coming out on Windows 8 and some of these, such as Kinectimals Unleashed, were designed around Kinect. Although Crimson Dragon is not included in the list, the chances of a Windows 8 version seem good as Microsoft will be wanting to give people more reasons to adopt their new operating system. Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer previously revealed that Kinect would be supported on Windows.

A further possibility is that Grounding are spending this extra time to add controller support to Crimson Dragon. Many of you have expressed a desire to be able to play the game using a traditional gamepad, however I have my doubts about this option being made available. With Crimson Dragon being designed to promote the Kinect to core gamers it would be a sign of defeat if they included that option, as nice as controller support might be. We shall see. As time goes on, the reason for Crimson Dragon’s delay becomes more mysterious and troubling. Lets hope that some light is shed on what’s happening with the project soon.

Panzer Dragoon Enigma Fan Art

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I’ve added another piece of Panzer Dragoon fan art to the site.

Panzer Dragoon Enigma

This one is called “Panzer Dragoon Enigma” and is based on the characters Normeena and Enigma from the web comic Dragon Tails dressed up as Orta and her dragon. Thanks to Sycle for contributing this one.

Five New Pieces of Fan Art

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I’ve added an additional five pieces of fan art. The first three are older sketches from Ancode of the characters Azel and Orta. There are also two pieces of fan art from Asobinotori which was created for a dōjinshi (self published work) that is planned for a future release. Going by the quality of these two pictures I hope it goes ahead. You can view the pictures by clicking on the thumbnails below.

Orta Pencil Sketch Azel Pencil Sketch Orta With Unravelling Hat Kyle Riding His Dragon Blue Dragon Redesign

A Large Batch of Fan Art

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Yesterday I was browsing deviantART and came across a number of pieces of Panzer Dragoon fan art. Linked below are the pictures that I’ve received permission to add to The Will of the Ancients. There may be more in the future from artists who have yet to write back to me. For now I hope you’ll enjoy this great selection:

Sonic & SEGA All-Stars Racing: Orta Blitzkrieg Wing Azel Panzer Dragoon Saga Jet Set Laser Dragon Blue Dragon Sprite When Day Breaks The Coming Darkness The Coming Darkness (No Background) Dark Dragon With Large Wings Kyle and the Blue Dragon Commission The Dark Dragon Shooting a Laser The Young, Courageous Orta

With all these pictures, you can see more of the artist’s work by visiting the website linked from their dragoon profile.

The Sonic & SEGA All-Stars Racing picture is especially appropriate, given that a Panzer Dragoon track will be featured in the game’s upcoming sequel. Now if only Sumo Digital would include a Panzer Dragoon driver/racer pair in Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed. The morphing dragon is an ideal fit for a racer, while any of the dragon’s riders would be suitable for the driver. In Panzer Dragoon Zwei there were running and flying sections, and I’m sure with a bit of creative tinkering they could add the ability to hover along water to one of Lagi’s forms.

Panzer Dragoon Revival Portuguese Translation

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Thanks to forum member Windrider our Panzer Dragoon Revival petition now has a Portuguese translation! The number of signatures is also slowly climbing to 500, so we hope people continue to sign it to get us to that number.

New Fan Pictures: 3D Model and Magazine Cover

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I’ve added a couple of new fan pictures to the site. First off is a picture of a 3D model of the Base Wing from Panzer Dragoon Orta. The model is a work in progress so we may replace the image with an updated version at a later date (I’ll post another update if the changes are significant). I’m looking forward to seeing how it turns out. Thanks to Contemplate Cast for contributing it.

There’s also another piece of fan art. This one is from French Panzer Dragoon fan, Orioto. It’s a beautiful image that was created for the front cover of Pix’n Love, a French retro gaming magazine. The image shows multiple dragons flying over a body of water approaching sunset (or maybe shortly after sunrise) with what appears to be the Blue Dragon flying almost directly over the sun.

Base Wing 3D Model Panzer Dragoon Pix'n Love Cover

You can find more pictures from these artists on the deviantART pages linked in their profiles.

The People Who Made the Panzer Dragoon Series

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We’ve started a new set of encyclopaedia entries focusing on the people who contributed to making the Panzer Dragoon games. We’ll likely cover people involved in Crimson Dragon in the future too. To start the new People category, I’ve created two entries.

The first entry is about Eri Itô, who is best known for singing the songs Sona Mi Areru Ec Sancitu in Panzer Dragoon Saga and Anu Orta Veniya in Panzer Dragoon Orta.

The second entry is about Maaya Sakamoto, who provided the voice of Azel in both Panzer Dragoon Saga and Panzer Dragoon Orta.

I hope you enjoy learning more about the people behind the Panzer Dragoon series. If you can assist with this section in any way, please let us know.

Yukio Futatsugi Wants to Make 'Crimson Dragon Saga'

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In a recent interview with gamesTM, Yukio Futatsugi told the magazine that after Crimson Dragon is released he wants to make an RPG sequel.

You read that correctly. Futatsugi wants to make a spiritual sequel to Panzer Dragoon Saga.

If and when a sequel is made, Futatsugi wants to expand the gameplay just like he did from Panzer Dragoon and Panzer Dragoon Zwei with their RPG sequel, Panzer Dragoon Saga. The game would also drop the Kinect controls of Crimson Dragon in favour of physical controls. Futatsugi goes on to compare his Crimson Dragon RPG idea with Panzer Dragoon Saga:

[S]ome points would be similar, but Panzer Dragoon Saga is 15 years old. Of course we can’t make an open-world RPG on an Xbox Live game development budget, but I want to make a game that feels like an open world, but has a very focused story. So I want to combine them using different thinking to make a Crimson Dragon RPG.

This is exciting news for Panzer Dragoon Saga fans, and we can only hope that Crimson Dragon sells well enough to make such a game possible. GamesTM goes on to quote more of Futatsugi:

“Because Crimson Dragon was designed as a multiplayer game, we couldn’t have a single character focus,” Futatsugi continues. “But in Crimson Dragon RPG we would have a strong main character,” Futatsugi says. “In the shooter, players learn about the world and who the enemies are. If I make a ‘Crimson Dragon Saga’ it would directly connect to the ending of the first Crimson Dragon. The shooter is just a prologue to the bigger story. So if you want to see a Crimson Dragon RPG, you should get the original Crimson Dragon so you can see the story. And if I make a Crimson Dragon RPG, I don’t think it’ll have turn-based battles. It’ll be like the original shooter with action-RPG elements.”

Crimson Dragon Saga? I like the sound of that!

Issue 125 of the magazine contains a full interview with Futatsugi which discusses the making of the Panzer Dragoon series. The site lists the feature as titled “The Retro Guide To…Panzer Dragoon”.

French Version of Panzer Dragoon Revival

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Thanks to forum member PXL our Panzer Dragoon Revival website now has a French translation. This means the petition is now available in four different languages. It has also slowly but surely passed the 400 signatures mark at this point. While this isn’t a particularly impressive number our goal is first and foremost to gather genuine signatures, preferably with a comment from the people signing it. So far, I think we have achieved that goal. Again, a big thanks goes to PXL for providing the French translation of the website. If anyone wants to help out with additional translations, feel free to let us know with a post in this thread on our forum!

Orta Included in IGN's 11 Retro Remakes Article

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Recently IGN released an article called 11 Retro Remakes We Need Right Now, a list of older games that they believe deserve high definition remakes. Panzer Dragoon Orta was included in the list. Here’s a sample of what Colin Campbell, IGN’s Features Editor, had to say about the game:

Ten years on, despite the seemingly ho-hum textures and the muddy backgrounds of that long-gone era, you can still feel a sense of grandeur, an adventure that’s begging to be retold with appropriate visual vim. Ultimately, Panzer Dragoon Orta is a head-swiveling thrill-ride, a place to gaze upon beauty and gasp as worlds of color whoosh by. It deserves to be made anew.

We certainly agree with Colin’s sentiment. With Panzer Dragoon Orta’s tenth anniversary approaching fast, more than enough time has passed to give the original Xbox exclusive another chance on modern day systems. As many of you will know we are going to ask Sega to do just that, which is why we’re pushing the Panzer Dragoon Revival petition right now. Colin was kind enough to retweet a link to the petition to his 4000+ followers, so we should hopefully see some new signatures.

Azel, Everyone's Favourite Fan Art Character

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I’ve added a new piece of fan art to The Will of the Ancients. This one is another picture of Azel who is apparently the most popular Panzer Dragoon Saga character among fans, at least based on the number of fan-created pictures of her.

Azel Ancient Ruin Wall

This particular picture was created by Jack-R-Abbit and has been on deviantART since 2007, so it may seem familiar for that reason. The picture shows Azel blended into the definitive Ancient pattern as if she was one with it, perhaps to symbolise her planned role of being just one more part of the Ancient system.

New Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed Trailer

New Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed Trailer

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Sega has released a new trailer for Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed, and it’s a must see for Panzer Dragoon fans. You can watch the video by following this link or directly below:

Video Details for "Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed Release Date Reveal Trailer"

To see the Basic Wing, the Blue Dragon and even an Imperial airship getting shot out of the sky over the Panzer Dragoon-inspired track is certainly a sight to behold for Panzer Dragoon fans. We can only hope that the amount of attention that the Panzer Dragoon franchise is getting in Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed is a sign that Sega has something else planned for Panzer Dragoon in the near future. And even if not, it’s still an awesome tribute from Sumo Digital and Sega to the franchise. I hope the fans see this as an opportunity to tell Sega that they want to see Panzer Dragoon return, be it in the form of an HD re-release, remake or sequel.

NiGHTS into Dreams.com: "SEGA Listened to Us"

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Sega announced today that the Saturn cult classic NiGHTS into Dreams is being re-released in high definition on Xbox Live Arcade, Playstation Network, and Steam. Many fans of the Panzer Dragoon series immersed themselves in NiGHTS into Dreams alongside Panzer Dragoon, Panzer Dragoon Zwei, and Panzer Dragoon Saga back in the Saturn days, so this news is going to excite many independently of any direct link between the two franchises.

But there’s more to this HD re-release than the return of a classic Sega Saturn game. In the blog post, Sega themselves acknowledged the NiGHTS into Dreams online fan community who have been petitioning for years to have the game re-released with their NiD15 campaign.

Sega listened to their fans.

As TRiPPY of NiGHTS into Dreams.com writes:

Thank you so much to EVERYONE who worked so hard to make this happen. The years of campaigning and promoting, causing mischief and creating the best kinds of memories. You should all feel very proud of yourselves and thankful to everyone behind the scenes. If you believe in something enough, face your fears and never give up – it can happen.

This applies to the Panzer Dragoon franchise just as much as it does to NiGHTS into Dreams. We can make re-releases of the Panzer Dragoon games happen too. If you haven’t signed it yet, please support the Panzer Dragoon Revival petition. If you’ve already signed it, tell your friends, your family, your pet dog Lagi, or anyone who will listen that we need their support. Post a link in your forum signatures, on your Facebook or Twitter pages, or anywhere that people will pay attention. Let’s make a Panzer Dragoon revival happen.

Sega Ages 2500 Games Coming to Playstation Network

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While this news entry isn’t strictly on topic, it may very well lead to Panzer Dragoon news in the future.

Sony have announced that they will be expanding their “Game Archives” retro download service to include Playstation 2 games. These Playstation 2 re-releases will be exclusive to Playstation 3; unlike other downloads from Playstation Network they won’t play on the PSP. The first wave of games will arrive on July 25, and the interesting part for Panzer Dragoon fans is that we will be seeing some of the Sega Ages 2500 series games, starting with Dragon Force. Dynamite Dekka (aka Die-Hard Arcade) will be released in August and Gunstar Heroes Treasure Box in September. Sega has shared a trailer for Dragon Force and an image for the other two games.

As many of you will know, Sega also released an enhanced version of the original Panzer Dragoon on the Playstation 2, although it was never released outside of Japan. Will we see Sega Ages 2500 Series Vol. 27: Panzer Dragoon released on Playstation Network? Nothing has been confirmed, but the chances just got significantly higher.

The Will of the Ancients Turns Ten Years Old

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Ten years ago today I posted the first update on The Will of the Ancients, effectively making today the site’s tenth anniversary. I’d like to thank the whole Panzer Dragoon community for your support over the last ten years, whether it be submitting content, contributing to the discussions on the site’s forums, or simply consuming the outcome of the work that’s been put into the site’s content by Panzer Dragoon’s fanbase.

To celebrate the occasion, I’ve written a new article that explains the history of the Panzer Dragoon community, starting with the Panzer Dragoon Club on Yahoo! Clubs, then moving to Die Welt von Panzer Dragoon, and finally arriving to its place on The Will of the Ancients. Being part of this community has meant a lot to me, and I hope it continues to flourish in the years to come. I will certainly do my part in ensuring that happens.

New Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed Platforms, Features, and Downloadable Content

New Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed Platforms, Features, and Downloadable Content

Published by Solo Wing in News

Segabits has revealed some new information about Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed, the new Sega racing title coming out later this year featuring a whole track dedicated to the Panzer Dragoon series.

The game will be coming to the Android operating system as well as iOS. It is unclear at this point whether this includes all iOS devices, but the previous game in the series was made available on the iPhone, iPod Touch, and the iPad so this seems likely that the sequel will appear on those platforms too. Similarly it is unclear whether the Android version will be restricted in any way, such as to certain versions of the operating system.

Second, it has been revealed that there will be features unique to the Wii U, Nintendo 3DS and Playstation Vita versions of the game. There has been no word so far on what these features are. I suspect they will relate to the unique control mechanisms offered by those systems.

Finally, there will also be downloadable content available for the game. Let us hope that Dragon Canyon will be available as part of the core game.

Back to the Basics

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I’ve created a short encyclopaedia entry about the Basic Wing, the first form that Edge’s dragon appears as in Panzer Dragoon Saga. There will be more entries about the forms of Edge’s dragon to come in no particular order, so if you have any preference for which entry should come next, please let me know.

G4TV Top 100 Video Games of All Time

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Panzer Dragoon Saga took the 22nd spot in G4TV’s recent list of their top 100 videogames of all time:

Top 100 Video Games of All Time #22 - Panzer Dragoon

It’s good to see that, even after all those years, the game is still being regarded as one of the best ever made. G4TV’s video also highlights the fact that the English version of the game is very difficult to find nowadays. If you want to keep the hope alive of seeing a rerelease of Panzer Dragoon Saga (or other Panzer Dragoon games) someday then be sure to sign our petition if you haven’t already done so! We’d also like to thank those who already signed the petition, it’s been very interesting to read all your comments!

Panzer Dragoon Saga Guide Translations - Part 2

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Some time ago we posted the first batch of translations from the Panzer Dragoon Saga guidebooks. Today we can add another two translated pages to the collection. This article gives us more insight in the nature of the humanoid lifeforms called drones. In particular the article also focuses on one of Panzer Dragoon Saga’s main characters, the drone Azel. The translated text contains more details about her original programming and how she developed her own personality over the course of Panzer Dragoon Saga. You can read all this and more by following this link:

Azel: Panzer Dragoon RPG guide book page 154-155

It’s also interesting to note that the information in this article seems to match the information in the Drone Record, which could only be found in a certain file on one of the Panzer Dragoon Saga CDs and wasn’t used in the actual game. With this new information we now have a more complete view on the story and its characters than ever before. Once again our thanks go to GlitterBerri for her work on this translation!

The Definitive Dragon

The Definitive Dragon

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As the first entry in a new Dragon Forms category of the encyclopaedia, I’ve created an entry for the iconic Blue Dragon. This is the form that the dragon is in throughout the original Panzer Dragoon, but the form is also playable in every other Panzer Dragoon game, either as part of the main game or as an unlockable bonus. The encyclopaedia entry also covers the Blue Dragon’s appearance in the Panzer Dragoon Original Video Animation.

In addition, here’s a link to some cleaner footage of Dragon Canyon from Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed, posted on GameTrailers.com. You’ll see lots of the Blue Dragon there too.

E3 Gameplay Footage of Dragon Canyon

E3 Gameplay Footage of Dragon Canyon

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Segabits has posted some new footage of Dragon Canyon, along with footage of two other tracks from Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed. The videos include footage of the Dragon Canyon track being raced as Vyse from Skies of Arcadia and Knuckles from the Sonic the Hedgehog series. If you’ve wanted to see the entirety of the Panzer Dragoon themed track, look no further.

Crimson Dragon Has Been Delayed

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Microsoft Japan announced today that the Japanese release of Crimson Dragon has been delayed. On the Xbox Japan website a notice was posted saying that they apologise to customers who were looking forward to the original release date (the 13th of June, 2012). Andriasang has also posted the news:

Microsoft announced today a delay for Crimson Dragon. Originally scheduled for June 13, the Kinect exclusive download game is now without a final date. Microsoft did not give a reason for the delay, but did issue an apologetic press release.

On Grounding’s Japanese website, they have indicated that the delay was not due to defects in the game or other development issues. From the Google translation, it appears that the delay is related to deployment/delivery of the game.

New Sonic & All Stars Racing Transformed Trailer and Wii U Version Confirmed

New Sonic & All Stars Racing Transformed Trailer and Wii U Version Confirmed

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E3 2012 has come and with it a new trailer has been released for Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed, confirming the Wii U version of the game. The trailer also shows some new footage of various tracks that will be available in Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed. Footage in the trailer includes the Dragon Canyon track based on the Panzer Dragoon series, although it’s mostly what we’ve already been shown in previous videos.

Sonic & All Stars Racing Transformed May Also See a Wii U Release

Sonic & All Stars Racing Transformed May Also See a Wii U Release

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Segabits has reported that Sonic & All Stars Racing Transformed, which will feature a Panzer Dragoon themed track, is rumoured to be appearing on the Wii U. Previously, Sonic & All Stars Racing Transformed had been confirmed for Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, PlayStation Vita, Nintendo 3DS, and PC Digital Download, but no version for Nintendo’s upcoming Wii successor had been listed. Nuckles87 of Segabits writes:

Given the source, think of the rumor designation as more of a formality then anything. Earlier today, Sonic Wrecks uploaded an alternate version of yesterday’s trailer that confirmed a Wii U version of SEGA’s upcoming racer. This confirms speculation that the game was headed to the Wii U, started when Sonic Stadium first reported a Sumo Digital racing title heading to the system back in January.

However, as Segabits points out, the trailer has been removed from Sonic Wreck’s Youtube channel since. It would be best to consider this as still a rumour for now. If true, I imagine we will get a confirmation about the Wii U version of Sonic & All Stars Racing Transformed at E3.

New Fan Art of Lagi

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Squeedge Monster has submitted a new piece of fan art.

Shiny Lagi

The picture is of Lagi in one of his earliest forms from Panzer Dragoon Zwei, but more shiny than usual. More of Squeedge Monster’s drawings can be viewed on deviantArt.

I have another update that is almost ready; we are just in the process of giving it final proof-read.