Yukio Futatsugi Tweets About Crimson Dragon's Delay


Published by Solo Wing in News

A few days ago, Yukio Futatsugi posted a tweet about Crimson Dragon’s delay. Christine Mitchell from XBLAFans.com has posted a translation (provided by Twitter user lifelower). Basically, Futatsugi can’t say anything yet other than that Microsoft was responsible for the delay and it was not due to development issues. Which is basically what we already knew, but it’s nice to have an update. Specifically the translation states:

Many people ask me on Twitter, ‘What happened to Crimson Dragon?’ Sorry, I can’t tell you anything yet. You should ask Microsoft. But we’re still working variously for it.

It’s unclear what he means by “still working variously for it”. This could simply mean that Grounding are working to get the game released. However, another interpretation is that they’re still spending some of their development time working on the game.

There was also a follow up explanation from Grounding Inc, the developers of Crimson Dragon:

Microsoft has made this decision for better unfolding for this franchise. There’s not [sic] development issues.

My thoughts: I think it’s very likely that the game is going to be a launch title for Xbox 720 and Kinect 2. If so, we might have to wait until the new Xbox is unveiled sometime next year before any further news surfaces. The game would need to be updated to work with Kinect 2 which could explain Futatsugi’s comment about them “still working variously for it”. If the game is moved to Kinect 2 that can only be a good thing for Crimson Dragon, given the flakiness of the current Kinect.