The Will of the Ancients Moved to Decent Webspace


Published by Solo Wing .

The Will of the Ancients has always been a free Geocities site, consisting of ads and limited bandwidth. However the site has grown past the 15 Megs that were given to me for free, and as a result I had to remove the screenshots of Panzer Dragoon Orta, which have been missed by more than one person.

No longer will this be a problem. The website has been moved to a proper paid-for-hoster, although I don’t have to pay anything thanks to the kindness of Abraham from Sega Zero. The Will of the Ancients now has over twice as much webspace, more bandwidth, and no ads. What this means to you, the visitor, is that you will experience a faster and cleaner looking website …hopefully with more Panzer Dragoon content added in the next few months.

Despite a few disadvantages such as not being able to host the Panzer Dragoon Mini ROM and a longer web address, I think everyone will benefit from the move.