The Fifth But Not Final Part of a Fanfic

Published by Solo Wing .

The fifth part (chapters 10 and 11) of Arc’engal’s huge piece of fan fiction, Scourage of the Terrablossom has been added to this site. The fanfic will now span six parts rather than the original five it was intended to be. You can view the latest instalment in the Fan Fiction section.

While I’m on the subject of fan fiction I’d also like to point out a new Panzer Dragoon site that has been started up by Shadow, a member of the Panzer Dragoon forum. Panzer Dragoon Zero is a website about the fanfic of the same title (also on The Will of the Ancients) that he is writing. The site is looking good from what’s been put on it so far. You can visit it along with other Panzer Dragoon pages in the Links section.