Site Map and Category Groups


Published by Solo Wing in News

The content on this site has grown like an infestation of monsters, one which must be constantly kept in balance to prevent chaos from overwhelming the humans who visit here.

One issue that stood out was the long lists of categories that were placed in no meaningful order. For example, screenshot and fan art and photo categories were all lumped together under “Pictures”. To resolve this, the categories section has been replaced by a new Site Map which is accessible from the horizontal navigation bar at the top of this site. The Site Map now places encyclopaedia entries, music tracks, pictures, resources and videos into what (I hope) are meaningful category groups. For example, all of the screenshot categories are now grouped under a “Screenshots” category group, all of the Panzer Dragoon Orta Encyclopedia categories are now grouped together, and so on.

Furthermore, each of the encyclopaedia, music, pictures, resources and videos index pages now list the categories in these groups. Going forward it will be easy for us to add more categories and groups in order to make The Will of the Ancients more enjoyable to navigate.