Saori Kobayashi, Triforce Quartet, Recording New Album

Saori Kobayashi, Triforce Quartet, Recording New Album

Published by Solo Wing .

Over the last weekend, Saori Kobayashi and the Triforce Quartet recorded five songs for a new album that the Panzer Dragoon composer has been working on. The Triforce Quartet shared the following on Instagram:

We just had an incredible weekend recording for a ‘secret’ project with the incredible Panzer Dragoon composer, Saori Kobayashi @bravewavemusic ! Can’t wait to share more with you soon!

Although details about the new album are scarce at this point, we do know that the Triforce Quartet have played live Panzer Dragoon music before, and that there is a big anniversary coming up that relates to one of Saori Kobayashi’s projects.

No matter what Kobayashi is working on, I’m sure we’ll be happy with the result. But if this new album is an orchestra recording of music from Panzer Dragoon Saga (to celebrate the game’s 20th anniversary next year) many fans will be especially happy.