Panzer Dragoon's Soundtrack to be Released on Vinyl


Published by Solo Wing .

Great news, the soundtrack of the original Panzer Dragoon is being released on vinyl. Up until now the music of the Panzer Dragoon games hasn’t been released on vinyl, but this year Data Discs will be selling an officially licensed record of the original game’s score. From their newsletter:

We are excited to share with you some news today about another upcoming release. It gives us great pleasure to announce that we will be bring the late Yoshitaka Azuma’s 1995 score from Panzer Dragoon to vinyl for the very first time.

This is one of many titles we are currently working on and will join Out Run as part of our 2016 line-up. Further details on both of these titles (and others!) will be released in due course.

Unlike the chip generated music found in later titles in the series, Panzer Dragoon had an orchestral score making it a perfect fit along side other Data Discs releases such as Shenmue. This release will surely be a must have for vinyl collectors who are also fans of the Panzer Dragoon series.