Panzer Dragoon X Chapters 4 & 5, Theory, and Comic

Published by Solo Wing in Contributions

Like the title says, Chapters 4 and 5 of Neil’s fanfic are now ready to be read. The point of the story is finally beginning to be explained and we learn more of the character Azrael. As usual, stories can be found in the Fan Fiction section and Panzer Dragoon fans are welcome to submit their own.

A new theory has been written too. Geoffrey explains what the purpose of the two dragons seen in the conclusion of Panzer Dragoon Saga are in this Gold Dragon Theory. The text is illustrated with pictures from the one of the final videos in Saga, but it Contains Orta Spoilers - sorry Europeans, just hang in there, it’s only mere weeks until you’ll be able to safely read this kind of stuff.

Lastly I added a comic that I made to the Fan Art section. A camp member said, “It would be cool to see more fan based comics like this.” I would have to agree with her, comics are a positive type of fan content, even if they are as silly as the one I made. :)