New Panzer Dragoon Orta Character Details Revealed

Published by Solo Wing .

The Official Panzer Dragoon Orta website has been updated with a new design and some nice concept art. There is also some information about Orta and the Empire. From the rough Babel Fish translation it seems Orta is only 13 years old and for an unknown reason was isolated in a prison and raised there since she was a young child. When the Empire attacks, Orta manages to escape on the back of the dragon. The website also states that the new Emperors name is Yatsushiro.

I have also found out that the freaky looking drone we saw in the E3 trailer will go by the name of Abadd, which has been the screen name our friendly leak at the Excavation Camp for several months now! Thanks to Ryu for this information which was taken from the Gaming-Age forums.

After this update I am going to try and avoid posting anything that could even remotely be classed as a spoiler on this website. As the Japanese release of Panzer Dragoon Orta approaches more and more will be revealed about the story so I’d like to keep this place spoiler free for as long as possible. I’ll update with more info on how I will manage these spoilers soon.