Introducing the News Section and Panzer Dragoon Interviews Page

Introducing the News Section and Panzer Dragoon Interviews Page

Published by Solo Wing .

The website has been updated with a dedicated news archives section and a page has been added containing links to interviews with the creators of the Panzer Dragoon series.

Previously all of the news we’ve posted on Panzer Dragoon Legacy over the years could only be browsed via one big paginated list. Today I’ve added a new section to the website that makes it easier to browse older news. The News section allows you to browse all of the news we’ve posted, one year at a time. With over 600 news entries published over 18 years, the news section is the ultimate place to browse the main events in the Panzer Dragoon fandom since 2002.

I’ve also created a new page called Panzer Dragoon Interviews. This is a collection of links to interviews with the creators of Panzer Dragoon from the last few years, curated in a single location. The interviews page is a living document; we’ll aim to keep it up to date as new ones come out, along with adding links to older interviews that we come across.

Much has changed with how we share updates over the last year or two. We’ll continue to post news and contributions to the Panzer Dragoon Legacy digital archive here on the website, along with on our other primary channels: Twitter, Facebook, and Discord, with visual updates only on our secondary channels Instagram and YouTube.

We’ve also been sharing some extra content on social media, ranging from interviews, reviews, game sales, and the Panzer Dragoon: Remake giveaways we’re currently running. To be fair to those who prefer to manually check the website for updates, we’ll be posting these Shares on the forum as well, so you don’t have to follow us on social media to get these updates. No matter how you prefer to consume Panzer Dragoon updates, we’ll have you covered.